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Monday, May 16, 2016

Kid Walk

"Freedom to play in traffic"
"Don't tell me to look both ways, tell cars to stop hitting us"
"Don't tell me to not accept candy."
"Tell STRANGERS not to DANGER us."
"This is why I need childism"

"I want to issue a public apology for this website being remiss in addressing the horrific phenomenon of blaming children for being kidnapped, abused and run down in the street by cars. It is time we put a stop to this ultimate form of victim blaming. Parents, please quit telling your children not to get a car with strangers. You are FORCING them to take on the guilt for those that are really responsible. It is a tragedy which we must all work together to end, in order to create the Postmodern Utopian Dreamland. So, FJ, remember. teaching children to protect themselves is a form of violence. It is an act that strikes a hard blow to our goals for Social Justice.™ STOP attacking our ideals.

"Don't teach kids to look both ways before crossing, teach drivers not to hit kids !!""

(via Stop Victim Blaming)
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