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Thursday, March 31, 2016

On Mourning for Brussels, but not for Pakistan

There are more than 365 terrorist attacks in... - Haider Nadeem Mirza

"There are more than 365 terrorist attacks in Pakistan each year, if you want Facebook filters and land marks to be lit up, you would have to do it every single day of the year.

Why does it matter anyway? The attack in Pakistan went viral in South Asia, the attack in Turkey went viral over there, similarly an attack in Belgium went viral in Europe. This whole 'why don't you give us attention' narrative is so silly and pointless. It's not like they don't condemn attacks in muslim countries, they do. Its just that it doesn't come off as a shock because these things happen every day in our country. But it is very shocking to see this happen in more safer and peaceful countries like european ones.

It is a matter of mourning, you have to look at cultural backgrounds. The western world shares the same cultural values as Belgium, they will obviously be more sympathetic towards them than to middle eastern or south asian people, and thats human nature. Don't tell me you care for the people dying in north korea as much as you care for people dying in Pakistan. This isn't selective sympathy it's human nature. If anyone should be criticised on selective empathy it's us. Everybody says quite over the Shia genocide in Pakistan yet suddenly all of us become social activists when Israel bombs Palestine.

I might also add that it is highly insensitive to cry over media attention right after a terrorist attack happens. Imagine a family attending a funeral because one of their loved one passed away, and suddenly you start shouting at them saying 'why didn't you come to my funeral when my loved one died.' Thats exactly what you sound like when you whine for western attention."
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