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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Links - 31st March 2016

Ed: This was post #9,000 on this blog

There's a petition to ban David Cameron re-entering the country

Startup bringing driverless taxi service to Singapore

ST editor tells Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter to be happy that “we don’t spit on your dad’s grave” - "In the post he criticised Ms Lee for being a “sourpuss” and said that “if we hadn’t done this barrage of tributes, some political enemies might write bad things about us”. He asked Ms Lee to be glad that “we don’t spit on your dad’s grave.” The Straits Times led the sycophantic hero-worship of Mr Lee Kuan Yew with an entire series of articles in their newspaper just one year after the former Prime Minister’s death."

Lee Wei Ling - Lee Kuan Yew would have cringed at the hero worship... - "Lee Kuan Yew would have cringed at the hero worship just one year after his death... What made me write this article was a front page report in The Straits Times (Mar 21). It carried a photo of an outline of Papa's face made with 4,877 erasers that form an installation which is 2.3 m wide and 3.1 m tall, titled Our Father, Our Country, Our Flag. That was the work of 110 Singaporeans aged 17 to 35 using erasers with the Singapore flag on it. It was a well-meaning effort but it made me wince. Here is why: The photo brought back memories of my first visit to China with my father in 1976. It was the end of the Cultural Revolution and I have vivid memories of our delegation being greeted by young children lining the streets chanting loudly: "WELCOME, WELCOME, A VERY WARM WELCOME." It was very contrived and my father was not impressed. We are Singaporeans, not prone to excessive, unnatural displays of emotion. Papa merely waved at the children, as he would have done in Singapore. I refused to even do that. I stared straight ahead, feeling very sad for the people of the "Middle Kingdom" that was still run like a kingdom."
What would the FAPs have said if this had been written by someone else?

Fans Create A Road To Captain America: Civil War Supercut Using All MCU Movies

‘Use me’: outcry after scantily-clad women brave cold on streets of Beijing to promote phone app - "A publicity stunt has been strongly criticised on the internet in China after a group of women in their underwear braved the cold on the streets of Beijing to advertise a smartphone social media app. About 20 women wearing black underwear and high heels walked around the city’s business district promoting the product until they were stopped by security guards, the Beijing Times reported. The women all had the Chinese characters “use me” stamped on their back and computer scanning product codes on their buttocks... Police in Beijing briefly detained at least two foreigners dressed as Spartan warriors in July who took part in a publicity stunt on the streets of the capital to promote a salad company. Dozens of young foreign men dressed in tight leather shorts and flowing capes took part in the promotion."
PETA needs to go to China

Hand-in-hand with a white man: Dating and racial hierarchies in Singapore — Chinese Privilege - "To a young Tamil Singaporean woman like me, the concept of racism is nothing new or inconceivable. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until I started going out with my fiancé, who happens to be Caucasian, that I began to see a new side to racial discrimination in Singapore. The surprised looks by strangers were one thing, but the harsh comments made to me by fellow Indians, especially men, implying that I had somehow betrayed Indian men as a collective, came as quite a shock to me... Strangely, the most disapproving looks I have received are from fellow Indians. Some of my male Indian friends have remarked to me that my decision to date a Caucasian man, presumably before other Indian men, speaks to a broader pre-occupation with the white male ideal. These friends have even implied that it is insincere of me to be critical of heterosexual white male privilege and date a white man at the same time."
So Sangeetha claims Indian men date Chinese women to benefit from Chinese privilege, but publishes an article by an Indian woman dating a white man who doesn't call it benefiting from white privilege and who says those who criticise her are racist. Win.

Is Luke Skywalker Gay? Mark Hamill Opens Up About 'Star Wars' Characters' Sexuality - ""Fans are writing and ask all these questions, 'I'm bullied in school ... I'm afraid to come out,'" Hamill told the Sun. "They say to me, 'Could Luke be gay?' I'd say it is meant to be interpreted by the viewer. If you think Luke is gay, of course he is. You should not be ashamed of it. Judge Luke by his character, not by who he loves.""
I judge characters by their character. Which is why I don't care if Luke is gay and people gushing about this are stupid

Paul Denlinger's answer to Do foreign journalists intentionally misrepresent or even lie about China? - Quora - "Many Chinese who grew up in the PRC are taught to think that the west has deliberately plotted to humiliate China, the nation, and Chinese for nearly two centuries. It has done this by taking sides and backing certain parties when China was internally divided. According to this narrative, this internal division was brought to an end with the founding of the PRC, which presented a united front against the west, and stood up for the best interests of the Chinese people. Through good policies, China, and Chinese, are now respected all over the world. This narrative presents the view that the west intentionally puts down China's rise as much as possible, which is why Chinese must extend their influence, mostly by acquisitions of companies in other countries. The important notion about this view is that it makes what the west does part of an intentional policy."

Mystery cancers are cropping up in children in aftermath of Fukushima - "Mystery cancers are cropping up in children in aftermath of Fukushima | Science | AAAS - "The March 2011 meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant caused extensive human suffering—evacuations, emotional trauma and premature deaths, disrupted jobs and schooling. What they have not caused, so far, is radiation-related illness among the general public, and few specialists expect dramatic increases in cancers or other ailments. The reactors spewed just a tenth of the radiation emitted by the Chernobyl disaster, winds blew much of that out to sea, and evacuations were swift. Yet one wave of illness has been linked to the disaster—the ironic result of a well-intentioned screening program... One result, says Kenji Shibuya, a public health specialist at University of Tokyo, was “overdiagnosis and overtreatment,” leading dozens of children to have their thyroids removed, perhaps unnecessarily"

Voter ID Laws: Reasonable, Not Racist - "the idea that voter ID laws exist so that racist southern governors can prevent minorities from voting is absurd on its face: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Washington State all require some form of identification to vote. The record amongst other nations is even more telling. Our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada, requires citizens to show proof of address to vote. Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland all require some proof of identification to vote. In the Netherlands, where practically everything is legal, voters need to show both a government issued polling notification and a photo ID in order to vote. That’s Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland and the Netherlands – hardly a roll call of institutionally racist countries. Indeed, most other countries in the civilized world look at the United States in disbelief that we don’t require proof of identification to vote. Even our own bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform recommended a voter ID requirement when they issued their comprehensive recommendations in 2005. Their report called voter identification one of “five pillars” that would “build confidence” in the integrity of federal elections... National opinion polls continually show about 70% support for voter ID laws. Does anyone really believe that 70% of Americans want to suppress minority voting rights? But the first instinct of too many on the left is to brand those who would protect the time-honored tenet of “one citizen, one vote” as “racists” is a sad commentary on the state of our discourse. As Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal recently put it, “there is no more shallow, hollow, or soulless way to think about human beings than in terms of their skin color.”"
It's racist for employers to hire people with college degrees because minorities are less likely to have college degrees

Law Graduate Gets Her Day in Court, Suing Law School - The New York Times - "As her debt mounted and her job prospects faltered, she filed a lawsuit in 2011, arguing that she would not have enrolled at Thomas Jefferson if she had known the law school’s statistics were misleading... Thomas Jefferson, like other accused law schools, maintained that it filed only the data that the American Bar Association’s accrediting body required. And judges largely agreed. Students would have to be “wearing blinders” not to see that a “goodly number of law school graduates toil (perhaps part time) in drudgery or have less than hugely successful careers,” Justice Melvin L. Schweitzer of New York Supreme Court wrote in 2012, dismissing a lawsuit by nine former students against New York Law School."

Is the Cretan Diet the “real” Mediterranean diet? - "Twenty-three countries surround the Mediterranean Sea. How can all these countries, which differ in culture, religion, geographical location, products, socioeconomic status, have a single diet, called the Mediterranean Diet? Is the term Mediterranean Diet misleading? Not all Countries in the Mediterranean have a Mediterranean Style diet"

We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology - Telegraph - "By all means, let’s teach children about healthy relationships, but that’s not really what these campaigns are about. Instead there is an overwhelming emphasis on imposing an ideological worldview that first and foremost sees young men as potential abusers and perpetrators, while routinely ignoring and minimising the very real threat of violence, both physical and sexual, that boys and young men face themselves"

Danish ‘Sharia council’ voluntarily disbands - "After the existence of the so-called ‘Sharia council’ came to light, members decided to voluntarily disband the council “out of respect for Danish values”... three members of the Sharia council told a woman that she could not divorce her husband even though she had been subjected to physical abuse... hidden camera footage showed imams at the highly controversial Grimhøj Mosque saying that adulterers should be stoned and that children should be beaten for not praying."

Harvard Law School dean asks to change the school’s shield because of its ties to slavery - "A committee at Harvard Law School has recommended that the shield that has long been used as a symbol should be retired, because it is the family crest of a slaveholder and does not reflect the values of the school. The shield is a powerful symbol: For decades, it has represented one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, and for many alumni, their pride in the school and their accomplishments... From Princeton to the University of Mississippi to Yale, students have demanded long-held traditions be changed, redefining the legacy of benefactors such as President Woodrow Wilson and John C. Calhoun and rejecting banners and titles such as the Confederate flag and “masters” of houses because of their connotation of slavery... a Harvard Law Record straw poll found 55 percent of the more than 500 respondents supported changing the shield, while 31 percent preferred to keep the shield and acknowledge its history. More than a thousand people contacted the committee with their opinions, which did not fall along predictable lines such as age, race, or political leanings... Many older African American alumni were deeply attached to the shield, not knowing its history, the report noted, “as a proud, even defiant, symbol of their accomplishment at a time when the larger world often refused to recognize their merit.” Some felt removing it would be an erasure.any older African American alumni were deeply attached to the shield, not knowing its history, the report noted, “as a proud, even defiant, symbol of their accomplishment at a time when the larger world often refused to recognize their merit.” Some felt removing it would be an erasure.
Might as well abolish Harvard since its history is tainted

Details of 22,000 jihadis revealed in huge cache of leaked ISIS HR forms - "Only when a recruit had filled in the 23-question registration card were they allowed into the group, also known as Daesh. Questions on the form included date of birth, marital status, previous jobs, who recommended them, if they had fought before, what role they would take – for instance, ‘fighter’ – and any ‘specialist skills’. The forms even includes contact details for next of kin. Many of the names on the registration cards are well known."

Ontario Human Rights Commission calls for end to skimpy dress codes - "Hooters U.S. parent company did not respond to requests for comment on the dress codes in its restaurants across Canada."
Women are too stupid to not work at restaurants with skimpy dress codes if they don't like them

2 male former Hooters employees in Costa Mesa file sex-harassment suit - "The lawsuit alleges that Leukert threw Cagnina to the ground in the parking lot after a bikini contest in Costa Mesa and forcibly simulated sodomy in front of spectators"

Women Are Paying Strangers To Stroke Their Vaginas, Because 2016 - "The peculiar sex trend involves women paying strangers to touch their private parts in order to reach a ‘larger state of consciousness’ while also ‘improving intimacy’ and ‘increasing your orgasm skills’."
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