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Friday, February 05, 2016

Reactions to Shanmugam making a police report against Sangeetha Thanapal

Note: This was excerpted from Links - 5th February 2016 in order to classify it under the label "sangeetha"

Law and Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam to make police report over 'inaccurate and seditious' Facebook post by Sangeetha Thanapal : singapore

"Sample post: It’s so tiring to even leave the house and deal with being in public, because Chinese people refuse to treat us as human. Chinese Privilege is being treated as a human being, rather than an object to avoid... my advice to all minorities who aren’t super rich and open to licking PAP balls, RUN. Run to another country as soon as you can."

"These people are everything that's wrong with the younger generation. Everything is an act of microaggression that's out to offend people"

"Lolololol been waiting for this for some time already. As a minority Singaporean I'm sick of her divisive SJW antics and I'm #nothershield."

"I used to get very offended all the time and it got seriously exhausting. So I decided to have a more humorous outlook."
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