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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Observations - 6th February 2016

"You don't make peace with friends. You make it with very unsavory enemies." - Yitzhak Rabin


Following anti inequality logic, it's better not to have new drugs because only the rich can afford them

If a lesbian tells another woman that she likes her dress, is it sexual harassment?

To some people, equality means that everyone must be equally miserable.

Given how worked up feminists get over terms like "chairman" it is curious their own movement's name has a gender bias

Should a feminist support discrimination against the childless in the form of family-friendly policies?

If you don't want to hire someone who's married with children for a job that requires frequent overtime at night and on weekends and lots of business travel, is that discrimination?

"My impression online is that the amount of blog/Facebook space dedicated to bashing actual, open racists and bigots such as the KKK/ISIS/Stormfront is insignificant, while the harshest vitriol is reserved for moderates who oppose racism, but not in the exact terms they want."

"It's very easy to poke fun at extremists. Easy to the point where taking the opportunity says more about you than them."

The real diversity problem in SciFi is homocentrism: why are humans always the centre of the universe?

"Institutionalised racism is like the unified field theory of social theories- it can be used to explain anything."

Post colonialism is about blaming colonialism for everything

"Color-blindness is not the denial that issues related to race still exist, it's merely a state of mind that demands you see people as PEOPLE before anything else. If everyone adopted that mentality then issues pertaining to race would disappear."

[On being upset at slavery-linked institutions] "How far back do you go with this type of shit.....I'm still really upset when the french invaded Britain in 1066 and don't even get me started on what those scandinavians used to do what with all their raping and pillaging....bastards"

Social justice warriors need to hang together. Because they've unfriended everyone else.

Why is it okay to discourage teenage pregnancy but not single parenthood?

If the rise of identity politics is a reaction to the narrowing of the ideological spectrum, it just shows that despite all the kumbaya rhetoric, people want enemies and think the differences between us are more important than the similarities

50 years ago if you'd talked about gay marriage you'd have been trolling
100 years ago if you'd talked about animal rights you'd have been trolling
200 years ago if you'd talked about women's rights you'd have been trolling

If you hate haters, are you a hater?

"Opponents of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party argued that the Nazis were neither a party of workers nor socialists. Today, we are told again and again that Islamic State is ‘neither a state nor Islamic’, and that when we use the term ‘Islamic State’, it only ‘feeds into its hands’. In fact, the contrary is true: believing that refusing to call the Islamic State by its own name can somehow delegitimise it is only self-deluding. (A rose, or a National Socialist, by any other name is still what or who it is.)"

[On the Europe refugee crisis] "The problem is that, it seems, many of the refugees, and children of the refugees, blame the secular countries, rather than their own leaders' failed policies, or, gasp, their own cultures. It's always colonialism, imperialism, support for dictators, crusader this, the Jews that."

"Taliban also trained by Saudi and Pakistan...Not just U.S.. Why omit the culprits without whom USA won't be able play a role? Or is it USA is pawn in Saudi agenda"

Isn't blaming Western foreign policy for Islamist terror in western countries victim blaming?

Somehow Western intervention leads to violent extremism only in the Muslim world.

"The peaceful majority is irrelevant. o ask the Jews"

Would the Chinese privilege crowd rather Chinese or white people appear in ads in Singapore?

There's an easy way to give single mothers equal benefits in Singapore.
Take away benefits from married mothers.

The problem with giving people benefits is they soon turn into entitlements (e.g. single mothers in Singapore not getting the same benefits as married ones)

Maybe the way to keep hawker food in Singapore cheap: allow them to move back to street hawking - no rent paid

If the number of Tamil speakers dwindles to 0.1% of the population, will it still remain a national language?

"If we were to all work according to gebiz and follow procedures, the academic year would be over before anything gets done"

[On 377A] "Liberal wish-list usually too long while giving little back in return, it's not like they will vote for them anyway so no incentive for govt. to alienate it's vote base to court a group that doesn't like them."
Keywords: liberal wishlist, liberal wish list

"You really cannot hope that something that will happen in 50 years' time is proof that it should be effected now." - on 377A

Masturbating in an echo chamber can be fun, but if you get your jizz on people outside it that's disgusting.

It's sad people like to watch videos of people on YouTube talking. I don't know about them but I read faster than they talk.
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