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Friday, February 12, 2016

Conversations - 12th February 2016

"Sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love" - Gabriel García Márquez


Someone: Seriously, the hotter the woman asking for entry into [Facebook group], the more I check to make sure shes not a bot or spammer. Sad

Someone else: Real hot chicks usually aren't smart

Someone: SPECIAL stat points cannot all roll high

Me: I think hot women spend a lot of time on their looks. So no time to waste arguing online

Someone else: My hypothesis as well

Also their interests will be on look based things
Even the supposed lookers with a "brain" aren't that smart

It could also be because women have a narrower bell curve than man
Men tend to be very smart or dumb

Someone: i want her to explicitly explain to me
i really want to know whats on her mind now
why is she getting so upset

Me: Because you're not "getting it"

Someone: if she cant explain it
it means 1) she cant explain well
or 2)im male and i wont understand

thats sexist to me


Me: Feminists expect people to agree with them after they've been "educated"
As you saw in the *** thread they assume they're infallible

Someone: oh, they dont assume
they know

these few days have been really interesting for me

i dont go to their pages or tag them
they come to me right


theyre engaging me, then leaving

now i wonder if it is because i am really so dense
which i think not because they leave in unsatisfactory manners

A: I said Gab is a devils advocate, reasonable chap.

B: yea devils advocate would be right

Me: Why do people keep calling me devil's advocate. I do believe most things I say ok

C: I think cause you always want to test the logic/ consistency of every statement

it is rigorous and fair
but it comes across sometimes as you are objecting just for its own sake

Me: Haha

Maybe it's because I am logically consistent but ideologically I do not support one side just because it is my side

A: Agree with C, you test for consistency, and sometimes to someone not used to you, it feels like you are undermining their argument

But someone used to it will get used to the idea of it being a test of structural stability of the argument

Me: I think bad arguments should be undermined

B: because most SGs aren't used to rigorous thinking
they react badly to disagreements

Someone: btw
*** is a ranger

Me: my dream is to be a power ranger

Someone else: whoa whoa whoaaaaa!!!!


Gabriel you forgot your meds
here, have some fairy dust

Someone else: Why am I being quoted.

Me: "I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good" - Seneca

A: [Feminist] is from the school of "I don't care what she did you cannot hit her.". Provocation is not a mitigating factor in her books.

Me: Get a woman to assassinate her father

A: Heh maybe she will blame her father

But I dun think can la, father probably dead by now, dead white male must be forgotten.

Anyway she does not accept any mitigating factors of any kind if a man hits a woman, pointing that out is victim blaming

She told me to give an example, recounted an incident from youth in which my mom was goading my dad to hit her during a fight, all the while destroying his stuff.

Dad to his credit, stayed calm. Any person would be hard pressed not to respond

[Feminist]'s response? "Not my problem you have mommy issues and want to victim blame."

That was one of the things she said that was a turning point in how I regarded feminism.

B: wow. projection much. she is victim blaming you and your father and then accusing you of victim blaming

A: men get catcalls from women and nobody gives a fuck

women dresses up in super tight clothes SPECIFICALLY to get catcalls and the world loses their shit

Me: Wasn't she wearing jeans and a tshirt

A: tight jeans, tight black T

B: 11 Powerful Photos Show What It Feels Like to Be Fat in America - Mic

"Health and beauty at any size." Seems legit

C: lol
if they are hot, then they say people are catcalling
if they are not but people still look at them, then they say people are judging
if people ignore them, then they are being discriminated against

knn no need to try so hard to be victim all the time leh

Someone On The Fappening: I don't recall such a huge uproar during the Edison Chen affair
In fact IIRC the same people defending the right of the US celebrities to take nude selfies were bashing Chen
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