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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Homophilic Intolerance in Singapore

A: Unlike B, most folks have friends in both camps.
And know that you can't erase people you don't agree with from existence.

What's left is a social solution, one where we learn to talk to each other and make a way of life together.

B: Explain to me why should I be compelled to extend civility and be friends with people whose interaction with us contain phrases such as "deviants" "perverts" and "pedophiles" with the justification that "because my Lord God Almighty said that you are "?

A: Because not everyone in FCBC think that way, and really because your caricature of religious types stem from the same arrogance of those who are homophobic.

Only ignorant people don't try to talk to the many around them to convince them of their position.

Cos nothing changes when you hide in your ideological bubbles.

Speak really loud, hear the echo and be satisfied.

B: the homophobic in SG love to justify that the state sanctions their behavior via 377A.

And A, FCBC is a church. Those who do not wear white or otherwise disagree with its doctrine have the choice of not being there. Therefore i have to conclude that its entire flock of 10,000 are there because they agree and celebrate Lawrence Khong's holy crusade against LGBT

A: Same logic that perpetuates that all gay people are to be blamed for the high rate of HIV infections.

Keep at it B, there are plenty of people who keep our world in the dark ages.

C: The whole gig with FCBC is more nuanced then the caricature that is often passed around online for laughs.

While they have a hard-line stance on the issue, the description of them as Singapore's version of Westboro isn't very accurate. They don't really have any beliefs on the issue that are considered extreme or deviant by mainstream churches in Singapore. What's different is that they are vocal about it.

Also, while people like to paint a simplistic picture of Lawrence Khong as a homophobe, he employs and works with a significant number of LGBT folk in his magic gig. So Fred Phelps he is not.

Anyway the whole automatic branding of people as homophobe gig could be one of the reasons why PD appears to be reaching saturation in it's level of support.

At a certain point people get the impression that some folks aren't really in it to create conversation, but to shout loud enough until they get their way.

D: So ironic to see someone demanding tolerant from others when he himself show intolerant toward everyone here. Keke
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