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Monday, September 28, 2015

Vegetarian Death Threats

BBC World Service - The Food Chain, India: Faith, Food, and Politics

On a family in Ahmedabad:

"He and his family own a tiny top floor flat in a complex known to be vegetarian.

'Earlier, you know these people they start coming to our house and sake of, "you don't cook this, we get the smell and it's against our religion and you know all and all".

But we made them understand, okay, you follow your religion, we have to follow our religion. How can you say, how can you ask us to stop this? And we won't stop that. After that you know , when they saw that okay we are not stopping cooking non-veg and all, then they started sending us a threatening letter. They were writing that we'll kill, we'll rape your daughter, we'll rape your wife, we'll do this and that'.

Mr Auri (sp?) shows me 35 letters, many post-marked, some with condoms taped to them. He acknowledges he has no proof as to who sent them, but for two years he complained to local police. Finally, he was allowed to install CCTV cameras in the building and the letters and threats ceased."
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