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Thursday, July 09, 2015

"The latest SMRT meltdown is symptomatic of a deeper institutional defect in our system."

Respect Singapore:

"The latest SMRT meltdown is symptomatic of a deeper institutional defect in our system.

A public utility company that is government-linked and substantively supported with public funds, land and resources, whose core purpose is to provide an essential, public good. But regularly fails to do so on a satisfactory level, most recently on a catastrophic level.

A public utility provider that is supposed to focus its funds, resources and energy on the overriding purpose of providing the public good. But instead chooses to deviate by bidding to be an operator in the completely unrelated wireless telecommunications sector.

A CEO who is: (a) chosen from a singular, myopic and premature talent selection process; (b) fast-tracked through a scholar/military/civil service merry-go-round career; (c) parachuted into a high-ranking government or government-linked position in a particular sector, even though he has no direct prior experience in such sector; and (d) paid an exorbitant salary for his services, even though he has no direct prior experience in providing such services.

A Minister whose background similarly satisfies factors (a) to (d) above and who is supposed to supervise such CEO. But offers innumerable and perfunctory permutations of the word "concern" when responding to lapses, whether minor or severe, from such public utility provider.

And the usual assortment of ruling party apologists and sycophants. Who dismissively tell us to have perspective as this is nothing close to a catastrophe (as compared to, of course, drought, famine and Armageddon) and by misdirecting us to other irrelevant problems in neighboring countries. Who encourage us to pull together as a nation, not comprehending that this is a man-made fiasco, not some natural disaster. Who tell us not to point fingers, not realizing how rich such a comment is given that they fall over themselves pointing fingers at other man-made fiascos in opposition wards."
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