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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Links - 10th March 2015

Activists want 'feeling fat' emoji removed from Facebook - ""Feeling fat" currently appears as one of many preset options included in Facebook's dropdown list of status updates. Endangered Bodies, the group behind the initiative, wants the status and accompanying emoji removed because they believe it encourages body-shaming and "self-destructive thoughts". "When Facebook users set their status to 'feeling fat,' they are making fun of people who consider themselves to be overweight, which can include many people with eating disorders," according to the petition. "That is not OK. Fat is not a feeling. Fat is a natural part of our bodies, no matter their weight. And all bodies deserve to be respected and cared for," it read... "You can choose from over 100 feelings we offer based on people's input or create your own," a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying by Mashable."
Nowadays activism is about censoring people

Articles: Capitalism's to Blame for Global Warming, Boko Haram, Syria... - "Not surprisingly, the UK's main “progressive” newspaper, The Guardian, has provided its readers with a thoroughly Marxist analysis of Boko Haram's recent kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. Yes, revolutionary socialism may be almost dead in the UK; but Marxist theory is still alive and kicking. So why Marxist? Well this newspaper has blamed Boko Haram's actions on the economic and social problems supposedly caused by man-caused global warming in Nigeria. In other words, the Guardian doesn't blame Boko Haram for the actions of Boko Haram; it blames global warming. In fact I will argue that it ultimately blames Western capitalism. The Guardian's position isn't a surprise. This newspaper doesn't blame acts of terrorism on the terrorists who commit those acts either. (Unless the terrorist is white, right-wing and goes by the name of Anders Behring Breivik.) The Guardian, instead (depending on the article and the time of day) blames Islamic terrorism on: unemployment, the Iraq War, Islamophobia, racism, oil, the Danish cartoons, anti-Islamic films, the banning of the burkha, Westerners in Saudi Arabia, The Satanic Verses, Israel, 1967, the Balfour Declaration, autocratic Arab regimes (which are, of course, “propped up by the West”), the “far right”, “anti-terrorism legislation”..." Come to think of it, Noam Chomsky (much loved by Guardianistas) also blamed the Syrian war on global warming... According to Guardian journalists and nearly all other Leftists (not only self-described Marxists), Islam is but a mere “epiphenomenon of the socioeconomic conditions” which are hidden underneath (though, of course, they don't use those precise words)... The Marxist/International Socialist position on Islam (or on the actions of Muslims as Muslims) is both reductionist and essentialist: it's all about (Western) capitalism. In fact this position replicates the National Socialist (Nazi) theory that everything that's wrong with the world today is down to the Jews (or “Zionists”, as Jews are now known)."

PAS Youth: Sisters in Islam ‘insolent’, ‘extremists’ for contesting fatwa - "PAS Youth castigated Sisters in Islam (SIS) today for plans to challenge in the courts a fatwa, or religious edict, against liberalism and religious pluralism, labelling the Muslim women’s group as “insolent” and “extremist”. Defending Selangor’s Fatwa Council, the Islamist party’s wing also accused SIS of challenging the monarchy and the Federal Constitution, which it said puts Islam as the religion of the federation... Malaysia’s religious authorities have long derided liberalism and pluralism, with Friday sermons nationwide claiming a conspiracy by “enemies of Islam” to manipulate Muslims through ideas like secularism, socialism, feminism and positivism, in addition to the two"

‘Mango Casanova’ cons seven of RM300,000 - "Each woman is said to have fallen under the spell of the 53-year-old man after eating a ripe mango offered by him. Not only did he cheat the women, but he also slept with them after claiming that he had fallen in love, the daily reported. The man was also not choosy with his victims, who included an unmarried 25-year-old woman, single mothers in their 40s and 50s and even a 65-year-old grandmother. A divorcee who wanted to be known as Nita, 37, said she suspected that the man had used black magic on her as she blindly agreed to his demands."

TRIBUTE: Who exactly is Malaysia Airlines Captain Zaharie Shah of MH370? - "Besides aviation, he also has a YouTube channel that he has used to upload handy video guides. Here's a video of him teaching viewers how to save electricity by tuning their air conditioner. He truly has a good heart. Notice how he has the "pilot voice" even in his videos. He is also an avid chef, sharing different dishes for those around him just like a true Malaysian and Penangite"
There's something very naively and parochially Malaysian about this

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder’: People who think they are drunk also think they are attractive - "Results showed that participants who thought they had consumed alcohol gave themselves more positive self-evaluations. However, ratings from independent judges showed that this boost in self-evaluation was unrelated to actual performance."

The Ladies of OkCupid

California teacher allegedly arranged beach trip for sex with students - "Lippert, a teacher at South Hills High School in West Covina, allegedly met up with a group of male students at the San Clemente beach in November, provided alcohol and had sex with one student. She is accused of then arranging an overnight trip there with students and Ghirelli, where the women allegedly had sex with students."

Singapore police defends handcuffing teens after picture goes viral - "The three boys arrested outside 112 Katong mall yesterday “were handcuffed for the safety of them and others”, said a police statement today... "The subjects were handcuffed for the safety of them and others as they had attempted to escape before Police arrival.""

Pes C9L9 - VAGSG Community
Table of PES status and what you can do

Blasphemy for Me, but Not for Thee - "the outpouring of support for free speech in the aftermath of the Paris attack coincides with, and partially obscures, the degradation of speech rights in the West. Commencement last year was marked by universities’ revoking of appearances by speakers Condoleezza Rice and Ayaan Hirsi Ali for no other reason than that mobs disagreed with the speakers’ points of view. I do not recall liberals rallying behind Condi and Hirsi Ali then... To dissent from the politically correct and conventional and fashionable is to invite rebuke, disdain, expulsion from polite society, to court the label of Islamophobe or denier or bigot or cisnormative or misogynist or racist or carrier of privilege and irredeemable micro-aggressor. For the right to offend to have any meaning, however, it cannot be limited to theistic religions. You must have the right to offend secular humanists, too."

How To Cook Moist & Tender Chicken Breasts Every Time - "I learned this cooking method from an old edition of Joy of Cooking, which gives this method its special label:Cockaigne, reserved for only their personal favorite and best recipes"

Chinese Girlfriends: North vs South! - YouTube

Alleged upskirt video was for shopping trip, says accused - "Yuen had admitted to taking the upskirt video of the victim in the statement. He claims that it was part of his preparation for a shopping trip to Malaysia with a friend"

The Sexual Peak Myth - "older women HATE HATE HATE younger women. Sex is power. Younger women have held it in spades over their elders. Being that everyone desires to wrench power out of the hands of people who hold it, older women and those soon to be of that demographic have an incentive to glamorize the twilight years... The myth has sustained because it gives women hope as they venture into the twilight of their ability to be incubators of seed and the commensurate degradation of their looks. Sex is power, and attaching that power to women of ever-increasing ages allows women to hang on to it longer. Older women have declared war on younger women. Through wishful thinking they seek to destroy every benefit and short cut that younger, prettier women have even though they benefited from the same attitudes at an earlier point in their lives... When Madonna was younger, she was considered a slut. Her book Sex was considered raunchy and disgusting. Now that she’s old and in her “sexual prime” she is given a free pass to perform in sexually-suggestive ways. Her behavior today, while not as risque as that when she was younger, is lauded as empowering and even artistic."

Le juge de sexe masculin, une espèce de plus en plus rare - Rue89 - L'Obs - "Rue89 a minutieusement fait les comptes : sur les 153 admis au « premier » concours de l’Ecole nationale de magistrature (ENM), dont les résultats ont été rendus publics ce vendredi, seulement 20 étudiants sont des hommes. Soit un chiffre riquiqui : 13%. Encore moins que l’année passée."

I just love these weird korean comics. - Imgur

La pornographie va-t-elle devenir une nouvelle discipline universitaire ?

Irish nudist begs pardon for alarming French nuns - "“A little later on in the evening, he had put his clothes back on and actually returned to the priory. He came to the chapel and prayed for a while with us,” he said. “He told us that walking around naked makes him feel closer to nature, or something like that. He asked if he could stay with us last night, but we refused,” Brother Cornelius concluded."

Employment Agency Apologizes For Hooking Teen Up with Brothel Job - "The Colosseum is a so-called "wellness brothel," where other accommodations such as a swimming pool and sauna are typically offered to patrons."
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