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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Celebrating International Women's Day

ang geck geck priscilla (@anggeckgeck) • Instagram photos and videos:

"I believe being submissive to a man in front of his peers helps to build his confidence and pride , however, when a man veers in the wrong direction, a woman should know when to stand her ground and guide him back onto the right path. A strong woman helps a man make firm decisions if he can't make up his mind about things or can no longer decide, however, she shouldn't be too overpowering in a relationship. She needs to trust him and his capabilities and allow him to build his empire. She will always be the one who will give abundant love and respect to her man. As the saying goes, "There is a woman behind every successful man" and she is that woman.

#happyinternationwoman'sday #myownquote"
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