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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Observations - 29th October 2014

“It is the personality of the mistress that the home expresses. Men are forever guests in our homes, no matter how much happiness they may find there.”- Elsie de Wolfe


Chinese Privilege means minorities get to go off early for Chinese festivals, but Chinese can't go off early for minority ones.

"Show off your Chinese privilege to a makcik and you will get 1/8 of an egg with your mee rebus, and it will still cost 50 cents more."

It's not necessarily a bad thing to lose closed-minded, intolerant friends.

The next time someone asks me a question, I'm replying IT'S NOT MY JOB TO EDUCATE YOU!!!

If it's so bad for your achievements to be dismissed because you're a beautiful woman, why is it okay for them to be dismissed because of "privilege"?

"When the majority complains about the minority, it's called intolerance. When the minority complains about the majority, it's called being brave and standing up for what's right or something like that."

If healthcare is a human right and there needs to be universal coverage, why don't people call for intervention in the food and housing markets? In other words, provide people with food and housing for free.

Maybe deaf activists need to start critiquing auralnormativity and surduphobia.

Perhaps those who keep mistaking descriptive statements for prescriptive ones do so because they are the ones with an agenda. Example: Focus on the Family's Sex Education.

If sex does not mean a woman has implicitly consented to have a child, why do fathers have to pay for child support?

"victim blaming" is that fun buzz phrase people turn to when they're burning with self-righteous rage and don't understand the concept of culpability

If we should let babies be breastfed in public view should we let them pee in public too?

If you can compel doctors to give abortions against their morals, can you compel them to euthanise people?

If Singaporean fairy tales about fertility produced with government support mean that the government is sexist, does the government funding arts group which make works with anti-government messages mean that the government is anti-government? And if the government funds two groups which produce material with contradictory messages does it mean that the government is incoherent?

It's very telling that feminists always assume that those who disagree with them don't understand. This arises from the assumption of infallibility and is also why dissenters are so easily dismissed as trolls or evil.

Maybe the next time feminists accuse me of male privilege I'll say they're forbidden from commenting on NS.

"i don't get it, why do people gleefully declare that they didn't read the article
and then proceed to make snap judgments"

"It's interesting how said readers "hadn't the time to read the article in full", but had the time to be outraged."

Use a unique password for each site… and forget it, be unable to sign in and waste time resetting it.

I hate sites that turn perfectly good text into an image (e.g. Parents Send Son To Catholic School To Get Better At Math. Then This Happens.)

RT @ShunfuMart: I hereby pledge never to use any product that has an ad which delays my youtube video viewing by more than 5 seconds.

The best approach to controversial issues is apathy - because you alienate neither side.
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