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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Conversations - 30th July 2014

TMM: I think she's [not ugly, she's] ok

[Yet] there are some issues no matter how enlightenned a woman says or thinks she is
its never wise to approach

Someone: In my experience, open rs or sharing options evaporate after first time she comes.
Then oxytocin comes in and does its work, and poof, no more open

Me: So she shouldn't come

Someone: Yep. Exactly


bj fb versus all the way fb...

btw, a BJ FB doesn't mean you need to go down yourself. You'll be surprised at lucky finds...

I suspect that some of the smarter gals also dislike how they can be gamed so easily

Me: If they're so smart how can they be gamed so easily hehe

Someone: Alcohol lol...

You're one of the few ones online whom I get wary when debating. The others are easy side dishes

Someone else: why do i get the impression that the "humanists" are the ones who are illiterate in science and statistics and who can't read to save their lives?

there's so much ad hominems and red herrings getting thrown around

Me: Ad hominem is not science and stats

Which post do you mean

Someone else: practically any post that covers religion?

Me: Yep. It's called cognitive bias.

Someone else: i give up on the vincent wijeysingha liar thread

idiot humanist said i didn't mention the EASTERN CHURCH etc etc

well obviously i didn't because vincent's accusation was on the western church

i like how attempted rape is rape in the eyes of liberals
but how attempted molest of vincent wijeysingha is not molest in the eyes of liberals

Me: "He's a liar. But he's our liar"

Someone else: i'd like to see some guy try out this defense in court

"i did not molest her on the bus. i ATTEMPTED UNSUCCESSFULLY to molest her on the bus."

you may extract that as a quote

amused that... etc

Me: Hurr

Someone: Seems to me [having a car is] a criteria for many women [for dating]

Me: no wonder people here go into debt to get one
no wonder guys go for vietnamese brides

Me:I guess for calling out his cyber bullying I got blocked

Someone else: oh, then you are blocked
and so am i

anyway, you can just log out of facebook
and read the link
apparently he's a facebook retard
sets everything to public

blocks people who call him out
without realising they can still see what he posts if they don't log into facebook

i only block people who don't bother to argue logically and resort to ad hominems and other fallacies

Me: I don't block people unless they're stalkers. keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer

Someone: re: ***'s post + the comments... i give up. :P

Me: lol

as I said once you see "privilege"...

that's why I'm looking for a lesbian, post-op transsexual, muslim, poor woman from a post-colonial country

she'll be invincible in liberal circles

cannot disagree with her
or you're homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, bourgeois, colonialist, sexist...

Someone: I'm female and I cannot stand feminists with no sense of humor. And people who argue by throwing all that academic arguments at me... Well, my job takes up too much of my soul already. I don't need all that shit, summore on Facebook.

Haha when u find such a woman... Lemme know. I'd love to speak to her too

Me: :D

well whatever I say will be dismissed because I am male and not queer
so no point

Someone: I'm female, bi and still I'm dismissed but only because I don't see it from a feminist's pov


Someone: Feminists are hard to cross. Once u do... Terbaboom

Me: how do they dismiss you?

Someone: its buried somewhere inside all that feminist's arguments and defense statements. i bet some of the girls in there are like... HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE IT AND SHE'S FEMALE.



Me: that's why they have such venom reserved for sarah palin and margaret thatcher

because they are female yet disagree

Someone: i cannot argue with extremely educated feminists. i lose cos i not crever enough. i am just a human being who appreciates humour when i see it.

Me: However crever I am useless. Cos I'm a man.

Someone: ur appendage is ur disadvantage. what to do.

Me: Chop it off.

Someone: pls even if u do, u wont be able to please feminists (they're really hard to please eh) and worse, u won't be able to please other females too. so keep it, and just stay out of gender-related arguments that feminists have decided to participate in.

Me: one of my friends scolds me for wasting time reading what stupid people wrote
and that she's resolved not to argue with feminists because it's a waste of time

Someone else: I was in sg last week
and for some reason
I found the girls in sg to be less pretty on average than when I last was there
which I found rather surprising since there are fewer fatties in sg than the uk

Me: Hehe your standards have risen

Someone else: yeah my standards seem to have risen by stealth
without me being aware

spoke to my friend about it and apparently it was the same for him
but his theory was different

he said the chinese girls overseas (at least where he was based) were better dressed and well spoken on average than the chinese girls in sg

I guess that is true, but I don't think its the entire reason

the accent the girls from china have in speaking chinese sound a lot more pleasant than those girls from china in sg
I think its the effect of the wealth the chinese expats uk draws compared to sg
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