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Friday, March 14, 2014

Singlish Lorem Ipsum

Singlish Lorem Ipsum

"When a kueh koci ceases to exist, a chao kang banana . Walau, don't fly my aeroplane. He still small small boy.

A fa cai for the hawker knowingly recognizes the kopitiam. My England not powderful! An assam laksa about some fever high caricatures the kachau market.

Why you so liddat ar? Can go to my place le.

She so pretty. A bulat ah huay, an acar of the clown, and a heartware are what made Singapore great!

An eagerly horrigible encik wakes up, and another beehoon reads a magazine; however, the five-foot way about another dendeng thoroughly recognizes a kan cheong gong. My England not powderful!"
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