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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sichuan 2013 - Day 1 - Arrival

Sichuan 2013
Day 1 - 24th March - Arrival

In March last year I was in Sichuan for 2.5 weeks.

I flew Silkair to Chengdu. It was my first time flying Silkair, and it was quite nostalgic - because there was only one in-flight channel, and it went one up on nostalgia - there was no sound.

On the upside the shows were quite interesting, and it was something other than the usual Just for Laughs.

Winter Wipeout - Clip

As you can see, Winter Wipeout is quite Japanese.

It was quite equal opportunity - there were fat people. Interestingly, even after being knocked into the water people still carried on.

Winter Wipeout clip - turning thing

Winter Wipeout - Posing

Before attempting a course section particpants get to do victory/good-luck jigs individually.

Winter Wipeout - strange costume

Another woman ran from one side of the screen to the other with her knees raised

Strange Japanese (I apologise for the repetition) variety show sketch 1

Human body parts as props - hmm.

Strange Japanese variety show sketch 2

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Cute ad: "江河湖海。 没有‘水’还有什么‘江河湖海’? 珍惜水源 惠泽后人"
Translation: "Large River, Small River, Lake, Sea. Without 'water' what "Large River, Small River, Lake, Sea" is left? Save water, benefit future generations"
This plays on the 4 words at the start having the "water" radical.

4 year old ad for the 60th anniversary of the PRC. I guess no one dares take it down.

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"Remarkable European Flair"

Free Image Hosting at
I don't know why I took this

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Chengdu: "Giant Panda's Hometown. The Gourmet City. The Best Tourist City"

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"Beat up Japan. [Blank] belongs to China. Sora Aoi belongs to the world*"
I think the latter is eroded - there's no proper noun to belong to China

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Apparently Chinese hotel rooms all have glass walls separating the bathroom from the room

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Very helpful "English" translation
"Gui Zhong Wu Pin Qing Tuo Shan Bao Guan"
This translates as "Valuables should be put in (?) the safe"

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Fried udon, Pumpkin biscuit. Omelette.
This came, naturally, with a cold soya drink.
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