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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"There were no PRCs, India Indians, Bangla or Pinoys to annoy us"

I would say this is the funniest thing I've read today, but I haven't read a lot of things today:

Singapore party ban on whites at Botanic Gardens event attacked as racist

ORGANISERS of a "Singaporean only" event could be found to have breached anti-discrimination laws for turning away Caucasians at the door.

The event, organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit at the Royal Botanic Gardens over the weekend, was put on to celebrate Singapore Day - where people learn about the latest developments in their home country, listen to music performances and eat local food.

But the concert was yesterday embroiled in controversy after refusing to let non-Singaporeans through the doors to the free event.

On their website, the event is open exclusively for "Singaporeans and their families" only.

"Singapore Day aims to bring a slice of home to Singaporeans abroad so as to emotionally connect them back to Singapore," the website reads.

"It is also an event to galvanise the Singaporean community so that the sense of identity and belonging remain strong."

Irate people phoned 2GB talkback host Ben Fordham yesterday to complain that "white people" had been "turned away in droves" to the event.

The organisers did not return emails yesterday.

Anthony Sim, who attended the event and then blogged about it online, wrote that he had never seen so many Singaporeans congregating in the one place.

"It is quite heartwarming to know we are not alone. Everyone of us were on the same page," he wrote.

"There were no PRCs, India Indians, Bangla or Pinoys to annoy us."

Royal Botanic Gardens acting executive director Brett Summerell said the group responsible had hired out a large area for the day.

"My understanding was it was a private event and they paid a fee to hire out the area," he said.

"We had initial concerns over people not being let in but they had told us only people would only be turned away if it reached full capacity or they didn't pre-register online."

He said there was some "community concern" over the situation.

"Obviously it has created a bit of community concern and that is enough for me to review it and see if it's appropriate for the Botanic Gardens to be involved with them in the future," Mr Summerell said.
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