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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

u r wt u wr - 21st August 2013

u r wt u wr:
- 'Catch me' (She was a prime candidate for catch & release)
- 'I'm a crazy fool for ♥'
- 'sick' (She looked quite guai)
- 'hug for haters'
- 'this mummy is single' (Not sure if she was British...)
- 'je suis une fille really chic' (if you're chic you won't wear that. But she was like 7)
- 'only for your eyes' (No one else would want to look)
- 'emo' (She was a teen so yes)
- 'You had me at your immaculate spelling and your flawless use of grammar'
- 'Hot girl. Celebrity'
- 'Never
- 'Dork' (this was a welcome change from all the 'Geek' tees)
- 'love doesn't learn'
- 'Cute & Sweet' (Maybe the latter)
- 'trophy girlfriend' (She was more like a punishment)
- 'pretty women'
- 'I'm always in love'
- 'si freak si chic' (Possibly the first definitely not the latter)
- 'kiss me I'm wearing A&F'
- 'my friend likes you but I'm his favourite'
- 'fu-Chanel logo-k you' (this had a bloody font)
- '*animal sniffing the butt of another* I love you'
- 'kiss me' (I wouldn't want to)

- 'Please turn me on *light switch*'
- 'Of course
I'm in
love with

u r wt u wr (Europe CNY 2012):
- 'What a pair!' (on the gloves of a little black boy. Hmm...)

u r wt u wr (BKK 2012) (note the number I got in just 3 days):
- 'I'm sorry. I wanna have party'
- 'I'm not a monkey but I love bananas'
- [Man] 'I fuck on the first date' (he was followed by a woman and children)
- [Billboard] 'Young and sexy *woman with 2 big watermelons in front of her*'
- 'Romance and pretty girl' (she was okay)
- 'falling love'
- 'so shy shy'
- [Guy] 'I know you want me. Kmutt'
- '*pictures of elephant* jolie femme *something*'
- 'Don't telling mum' (this was in an awful green-yellow highlighter colour)
- 'Don't try to like me'
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