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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Men Shouldn't Use Women's Shampoo

(This pisses Jezebel off, so you know it's good)

Amusing comments:

"I did have a transman room mate who used all the man flavoured shower/shaving products, and it seemed to be a simple way for him to identify male"

"My BF's hair is longer than mine and it's glorious as fuck.
I call him beautiful all the time. I LOOK UP new words to make sure he understands that he is a beautiful ass man in all his pulchritude and that it's like he has an aureole of titillating tresses that are simply rapturous to the touch."

"I once spent the night with a Sikh guy just because he had long hair. Long, black, wavy, thick, shiny hair all the way down to his gorgeous butt. In fact, I made a stopover in London just to see him. I didn't know him at all apart from having chatted with him on the internet. He looked a lot like Naveen Andrews as Kip in "The English Patient"."

"when I moved in with my boyfriend I was surprised/kind of annoyed when his shampoo ran out and he started using all my lady products. He even started using my conditioners and was like "Oh my God! My hair is so soft! This is what this is for?!" So now I buy hair products for two. "

"I would love if my husband had slo-mo lady hair. He has dumb long hair in a ponytail that he only brushes when it's wet."

"My boyfriend did this, too. We don't live together, but I stay by him often enough that I left shampoo, conditioner and soap there (he uses Irish Spring and it makes my skin too dry). One day I go to his house right after he gets out of the shower, he goes to hug me and I stop, kinda sniff him and say "you me." To which he replied that my shampoo and conditioner are the best things EVER and my soap makes his skin all soft. *Sigh."

"Oh come on, not everything has to be an issue. This is more of a parody of the commercials themselves, and it's hilarious! Learn to laugh."

"my boyfriend recently worked on a dove for men commercial and they brought tons of product on set to use. turns out they didn't really need to use any of it so they donated all 3 boxes full of stuff to men's shelters. in short, i don't care about this commercial."

"I did see Fabio in Whole Foods once and I'm pretty sure he travels with an invisible wind machine aimed at his hair."
"I'm pretty sure Fabio is never an aside to any conversation, especially when it's about hair."

"my buddy's half-sister makes $72/hour on the internet. She has been unemployed for nine months but last month her pay was $18223 just working on the internet for a few hours"
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