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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"the US is the most racist country in the world"

"This shop does not receive The Japanese, The Philippines, The Vietnamese, And dog"

Caption: "Racism with a nationalist twist. This sign is on the front door of a restaurant named "Beijing Snacks" or "百年卤煮" near Prince Gong's Mansions (恭王府) at Houhai Lake, a popular tourist spot just to the north of the Forbidden City in Beijing. I took this photo on February 22, 2013. Photo by Rose Tang. Copyright©Rose Tang. — at Houhai."

(The restaurant has since taken down the sign)

"The owner of the restaurant in Beijing’s Houhai neighborhood, surnamed Wang, told BBC News this week he didn’t care what others felt about the sign and that he had put it up out of “patriotism.”

“Chinese customers support me,” he said...

“The government of Vietnam should see their true colors through this fact that they let their own people do such things.”

He said the racism evident in the sign was similar to China’s “bullying” of its smaller neighbors in its foreign policy...

[Some] netizens in China... supported the restaurant owner’s action."

- Vietnamese Angry Over Beijing Restaurant Racism

"He said he was not sorry about having put it up.

"I don't have any regrets," he said. "I was just getting too many phone calls about it.""

- ‘Racist’ Beijing Restaurant Sign Taken Down

"“I didn’t bother to go inside the restaurant to interview anyone … I pretty much knew what the owner or whoever put up the sign would say and I’ve been fed up with such patriotic/racist rhetorics in China and didn’t want to hear more,” said Tang, a former journalism professor at Princeton University.

She was chased by protesters who showered her with rocks when she was covering the anti-NATO rallies outside the UK and US embassies in Beijing in 1999 as soon as they discovered she was reporting for a Hong Kong publication, Asiaweek magazine, the ex-reporter recalled.

“I think such national pride stems from a deep inferiority complex,” she added. “I hear all the time people raving about China’s rise, but ironically every Chinese family I know of is trying to send their children to America”...

Paul Mooney, a freelance reporter in Beijing, commented on one of Tang’s photos that “this is the government and Party’s fault. They tell lies about other countries and distort history and so Chinese who don’t know any better respond with ignorance. Very depressing.”"

- Beijing restaurant’s xenophobic sign ignites online fury

Someone: In other Asian nations [than Singapore], as I was told by a PRC woman once..."racism is commonsense".
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