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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Links - 29th January 2013

[Up to 62% Off] Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone from RM99. Nationwide Delivery Available - "Modern classics procure nostalgia with pixel perfect games such as Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi, as devices double up as theft deterrents and travel to open arms nationwide."
Malaysia Boleh!

Live Cis Excellence - I swear, tumblr social justice is like playing a handicapped version of Yu-Gi-Oh. - "Blogger: I'm going to play my "reasoning" card in defense position, in response to your "emotionally-driven attack".
SJer: AHA! Cis scum, you just activated my trap card! "I'm black"! That makes you a racist!
Blogger: Okay, I'll play "counterpoint".
SJer: AHA AGAIN! Another trap card! You've activated my "Trans-says-ual victim complex"! You're a racist transmisogynist!
Blogger: Hmmm... Well, it's not my strongest card, but you've been deft so far so it's all I can hope for right now. I cast "White privilege" on my "Cis Male", bringing his attack and defense points to 2000!
SJer: I should have seen a ruse like that! Another trap card for you! "Check your privilege"!
Blogger: Okay, my "White privilege" boosts "Cis Male" by 1000 attack and defense points. What now?
SJer: Now you discard your privilege boosts.
Blogger: That's not labeled on the card...
SJer: BIGOT ASSWIPE DOUCHEFUCK *hurls cards everywhere*
Blogger: *picks up SJer's deck* Hey, almost all of these are trap cards..."

Government under fire over 'black only' school trips funded by tax payer - "One hundred schools have signed up to the controversial Black Pupils Achievement Programme, which the Government is piloting in an effort to reduce persistent under-achieving among black children."

Michael Meyers - Stop the Black-Only Treatment - "I'm sorry to report that 52 years after Brown v. Board of Education, separate but equal is all the rage in certain parts of the education world -- especially on college campuses where special programs are offered that target minority students for "special" and separate attention, counseling, mentoring, tutoring, residences and instruction. The latest of these race fads are the Black Male Initiatives (BMIs), government-funded and university-sponsored, and underway on campuses in states including Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The initiatives focus on recruiting, schooling and "saving" black men... Not surprisingly, this racial identity ferment -- aka self-determination -- is proudly endorsed by white liberals disturbed by the dwindling numbers of black men on campus, as well as by many black female students for whom interracial dating is either taboo or impracticable"

Headline of the Day: “MILF Braces for FAP Offensive”, with Explanation [Updated]

Porno-copyright trolls named in RICO class action suit - Boing Boing - "The trolls are pornography companies that accuse people of having downloaded movies with titles like "Blumpkin Blowjobs, "Teen Anal Sluts," "Jeff cums in Colby’s mouth," etc, and threaten lawsuits that will forever join the victims' names with these films, unless the victims cough up a quick settlement payout"

Kim Jong-un Appears With Disney Characters on North Korean TV - - "The footage also showed Mr. Kim in a black Mao suit watching as Mickey Mouse conducted a group of young women playing violins in skimpy black dresses. At times, scenes from the animated Disney movies “Dumbo” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” were projected on a multipanel screen behind the entertainers... Mr. Kim... had a “grandiose plan to bring a dramatic turn in the field of literature and arts this year.”

Grown ups in Spandex - GUIS Gokaiger
Sentai subs!

Celebrities Holding Pandas

British farmers told to grow curry ingredients for sustainability

A Point of View: Embarrassing parents and the teenage truth - "All parents are destined to be ridiculous, embarrassing or annoying"

Money, Sex and Happiness: An Empirical Study - "recent work by Daniel Kahneman, Alan Krueger, David Schkade, Norbert Schwarz and Arthur Stone (Kahneman et al 2003) finds, among a sample of 1000 employed women, that sex is rated retrospectively as the activity that produces the single largest amount of happiness. Commuting to and from work produces the lowest levels of psychological wellbeing... According to our data, Americans have less dramatic sex lives than might have been imagined from television and other media... [an] American adult has sex approximately 2 or 3 times a month... In the over-40 category, the frequency of sex is much lower. Among older women the median amount of sex is once a month, while for males it is 2-3 times a month (not shown separately in Table 1). We cannot tell whether this discrepancy is because males, relatively, have exaggerated memories, or have younger sexual partners, or visit female prostitutes... Among males, 2.3% say they had a male sexual partner in the previous year. Among females, just under 1.5% report having had a female partner. About 0.5% of females and 0.5% of males report themselves as bisexual... sexual activity enters strongly positively in an equation in which reported happiness is the dependent variable. The more sex, the happier the person... Celibacy and small amounts of sex have statistically indistinguishable effects upon happiness... both men and women get happiness from sex. The broad structure of the equations is the same for each gender... There is a little evidence from the equation coefficients that men enjoy sex slightly more than women... sex may bring more happiness to the highly educated than to the less-educated... people who say they have ever paid for sex are considerably less happy than others. Those who have ever had sex outside their marriage also report notably low happiness scores... homosexual activity has no statistically significant effect in a happiness equation... there is some indication that highly educated males have less sex than average... Black males report more sex than other groups. Married people have (much) more sex than people with other kinds of marital status. Despite the stereotypes, students have, if anything, less sex than the average person their age... working part-time is, among females, associated with lower levels of sexual activity. What is the connection between income and the frequency of sex? Interestingly, Table 5 finds that it is zero for both men and women... Highly educated women have fewer sexual partners than other sub-sample groups"

Labor Orgasms Called 'Best-Kept Secret' - "Painful. Excruciating. Unbearable. These are the words most often associated with childbirth. But what about pleasurable? Blissful? Euphoric? Some women even say that instead of agony, childbirth can be ecstasy. Amber Hartnell of Hawaii said she experienced an orgasm during labor when she gave birth to her son in September 2005. "

Girls think they are cleverer than boys from age four, study finds - "Girls at all ages said girls were cleverer, performed better and were more focused. Boys aged between four and seven were evenly divided as to which gender was cleverer and more hardworking. But by the time boys reached seven or eight, they agreed with their female peers that girls were more likely to be cleverer and more successful... 'academic work is seen as 'feminine' and so for some boys achieving highly at school risks being labelled as feminine'"

Interview with Abdul Malik twisted by ST to become propaganda for Workers’ Party - "Netizens should be extremely wary of any opposition parties or socio-political blogs which are endorsed by the Straits Times either covertly or overtly as it will not give them positive coverage without a hidden agenda."
Happily, the Temasek Review itself has been covertly endorsed by the Straits Times. Therefore, by their own logic, we shouldn't trust them

To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure by Ryan North — Kickstarter - "The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!"

Too Manly For Ladies Night? Singapore Clubs Turn Some Women Away - "Older women have been turned away. Sometimes, guys under 21. And now, women who do not dress feminine enough for ladies’ night are told to cough up the cover charge... “I’m a girl,” she said, and he replied, “I know, but you’re dressed like a man.” Tay tells LifeStyle: “When I’m made to pay the male cover charge on ladies’ night, it’s like an outright display of discrimination against me. It’s very unfair”... we met Jaden Ang, 23, who said she was denied free entry at Zirca and Attica. She rejoined the queue at Attica to pay the cover charge but was asked to leave by a bouncer. The Attica bouncer explained to her that the management accepts only “100 percent girls or 100 percent guys”... The executive director of gender equality advocacy group Aware, Corina Lim, says the practice is discriminatory and unfair... “If the club wants to hold a ladies’ night, it should let all ladies in. If not, it should change the name to ‘look like ladies’ night”"
If you're okay with gender and/or age discrimination (or even accept the label of "the fairer sex"), why complain when you're discriminated against based on looks?

Can Epigenetics Explain Homosexuality?

Aceh bans straddling women from motorbikes - "The move comes after leaders from the country's only province ruled by strict sharia law drafted a series of new bills including banning women from wearing tight trousers, stoning adulterers and flogging homosexuals... "Women sitting on motorbikes must not sit astride because it will provoke the male driver. It's also to protect women from an undesirable condition""

Scientists Cite Fastest Case of Human Evolution - - "Comparing the genomes of Tibetans and Han Chinese, the majority ethnic group in China, the biologists found that at least 30 genes had undergone evolutionary change in the Tibetans as they adapted to life on the high plateau. Tibetans and Han Chinese split apart as recently as 3,000 years ago... If confirmed, this would be the most recent known example of human evolutionary change"
There's a point of view that biological races do not exist since evolution doesn't work fast enough to engender subspecies
There is also a point of view that evolutionary psychology is bullshit since evolution works so fast that our minds are now substantially different from the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation
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