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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Observations - 25th October 2012

"To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer." - Farmers' Almanac, 1978


"Over 50% of trans people avoid public toilets due to perceived risk".
What if I avoid minorities due to perceived risk?

"I used to date a girl who was circumcised. She had a lot of residual anger"
"sounds like a lot of feminists"

If in-group variations being larger than between-group variations means that looking at how groups differ is useless (e.g. "Racial differences are inconsequential because there is more variation within a given racial group than between any two racial groups"), the same should apply to other contexts. For example, "Racial discrimination is inconsequential because there is more variation in treatment within a given racial group than between any two racial groups".

Critics of evolutionary psychology like to say that evolution is a lot faster than evolutionary psychologists assume, where the environment of evolutionary adaptation shaped our minds and they haven't changed so much since. Yet, probably the same people would also trumpet the line "all 'races' are the same and share almost all of their DNA" (because we evolved in the same place and evolution since then has been very minor) You can't have it both ways...

"Go office boss scream at you. Come home baby scream at you"

"why are you talkin about work life balance in the office at 8:22pm?"

Any meeting with more than 6 people and/or more than an hour long is useless.

Theory on why food courts suck: they're employees, with no personal stake

"Barnacles" is not the most appetising name for a restaurant .

At Park Mall, Sucky Sushi & Suckura are opposite each other. How appropriate

What holds less after removing things from it? Packed Singaporean trains & buses. Bloody idiots.

Lots of motorcyclists get knocked down, but they're not bourgeois enough to form a lobby (unlike cyclists).

Politicians wouldn't lie so much if their electorates could take the truth.

@onthelevel: Vietnamese restaurant with a specialty drink called
Rickshaw. Is that racist?
@katiedidwhat: Rickshaws are as American as fortune cookies, so, possibly not.

"Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak"

Ergo low birth rate! RT @greyskies: When you give birth in Japan, there ain't no shit like epidural. Just women who can bear pain.

RT @TheFunnyRacist: What is black, 12 inches long and makes women scream at night? One of my shits.

"A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist"

“You know the person I mistrust the most? The one I steal away from someone else. If I betray Peter, you’ll never trust me. I’ll never trust me.”
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