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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Observations - 12th August 2012

How to get $6 all day parking at Marina Bay Sands: pretend to be from New Creation Church.

"ur ex is pretty. really. by sg girls standard"
Me: "hahahahahaha damning with faint praise"

Someone told me that restaurant food in Philadelphia was cheaper in Singapore. I suggested that places with similar concepts and pitched at similar levels didn't cost too differently, but the quality was different: restaurant food in Singapore is quite bad.

Theory: Thai restaurants with a portrait of the King are good

Sociology graduate: "you just blame the social institutions for all the social problems in soci"

Amused contrasting the reaction to the lack of French actors in Les Misérables with the reaction to the lack of Japanese actors in Memoirs of a Geisha.

Colour is an appropriate analogue to race not just conceptually (gradients) but lexically (just because we come up with the categories using subjective criteria doesn't mean categorisation is nonsensical; one person's magenta is another person's red).

Americans talk even when they've nothing to say. East Asians keep mum even when they've something to say.

Rollercoasters are only fun/scary when you scream. Not when you're singing motets.

Forgot to remove hair clip before entering shower #longhairproblems

Amused by a Malay saying Malays are very fake so he prefers befriending Chinese.

Amused that in Singapore Muslims are not allowed to cohabitate with the other sex ($500 fine and/or 6 months jail) (it's in the Administration of Muslim Law Act)

I couldn't find the literal translation of "gey zhua" (doing something extra) online. Apparently it's "extra squirt" (for peeing)

Sometimes the best way to help the mentally ill is to get them committed.

Amused that one would get engaged a year after one's wife dies.

Told telemarketer I don't do spas on principle. She was asking me to ask my wife when I hung up. Should've said I was gay. The next time I get offered a free spa, I'll ask if they do happy endings.

Me: "Men are like wine"
"Sour, bitter and overpriced?"

"If u watch Annie i wld hv thought geena ratio wld be higher ma. Its not Tranformers the Musical"

RT @hellovirnnnn "I looked around at my girlfriends and realized that the truly happy ones were those with men they never saw themselves with."

QUILTBAG: Quit Using Idiotic Liberal Terminology Because it’s Asinine and Gay

"So everything has got more expensive except Tissue Paper. 20yrs ago, it was 3 for $1. Today 2 aunties came by seperately, selling 5 for 80c"

RT @THEDAILYFUCK: I called my girlfriend a whore during sex once, She made me pay for that afterwards

RT: @sickipediabot: My goth son died doing what he enjoyed doing most.
Trying to kill himself.

RT @capricecrane We're happier when we're young because we don't know any better.

RT @dk: What about LTA? They should fine themselves too RT @STcom LTA fines SMRT $2 million for December breakdowns

RT: @TravLeBlanc: I'm a big believer in karma so if I'm ever a dick to you, you probably did something horrible in your past to deserve it.

RT: @MinuteSexe: 43% des Américaines qui démenagent à Hollywood pour devenir actrice terminent dans l'industrie du porno. #MinuteSexe

RT @ImLeslieChow: "Dont worry the spider is smaller than you" "Yeah? So is a grenade!"

RT @FlareonRRRAGE: @maarimekko isn't the point of fasting to do so without complaint? To deny your desires in the face of temptation?

RT: @GodlessAtheist: If your faith can move mountains, it should be able to withstand criticism #atheism
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