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Friday, May 25, 2012

Conversations - 25th May 2012

Frigid Girl: women cant take honesty
Or blatant frankness
If women lie to themselves i see no reason why they wld expect smth
else frm others

Someone: *** went ballistic on subhas anandas' comment on hardcore prostitution deserves no protection

eh how do you keep up with feminists
i ended up deleting the post cos i realise the sticking point wasn't the legal unfairness but the 'sexism and female victimising'
and after that no amount of logicking went thru
because 'they have a heart' and we haven't one apparently

Me: I know why she went ballistic. because she saw "hardcore prostitution deserves no protection" and like a pavlovian reflex she pounced
in her mind "hardcore prostitution deserves no protection" = "prostitutes don't deserve legal protection"
however in this case the "protection" is not protection from being exploited, abused etc
it's "protection" on account of her age, of being a minor and thus being judged unable to consent to commercial sex
however her actions indicate she was aware of what she was doing
see, the law on no commercial sex for below 18 is intended to protect girls from being exploited
however in this case she wasn't exploited

MFTTW: he's gay right

his profile pics are all self-taken and in the same pose
this is a common theme amongst gay men i know on fb

Me: I dont mind comments
just not annoying ones

I love it when people compliment my hair =D

Frigid Girl: ya you're past the age where ppl will compliment you without an agenda in mind

Me: sad.

what agenda could they have

Frigid Girl: compliment you to make conversation

Me: like that called agenda ah

Frigid Girl: for the sake of filling up awkward silence

i do it all the time just to fill up awkward silences

Me: ...

Frigid Girl: better than talking abt the weather

Someone: *** was looking at a wedding prep website
dunno if ^^^ proposed...

Me: hurr
women look at wedding stuff all the time, no?

Someone: hahahahahahaahahahah

MFTTW: why can't [Tiong Bahru Bakery] be run by same people as skinny pizza
it's just a corporation what

Me: everything in sg is part of a chain or franchise

MFTTW: why you so idealist

Me: I like diversity and competition in the ecosystem

MFTTW: hur hur

Me: singapore everything chain
then chain moreprofit making
so yakun uses krimer

MFTTW: but indie things are usually cock
I don't drink ya kun

Me: why indie things usually cock

MFTTW: cos they are good for a while then realize business model not sustainable then they start to cut corners
becos it is inevitably set up by some yuppie couple who are on second careers to "pursue their dreams"

Me: and chains cut corners from the start so you dont get taken in?

MFTTW: chains are... you know what you are getting

the prob in sg is that nothing stays good for long
it always goes downhill

anyway if the corporation can bring in someone good
then it's a good thing whst

like maybe gontran cherrier has no business acumen
then we would not have gotten to try his baked goods otherwise

Me: likewise, without eduardo we'd never get to try kum's kosmetiks

Frigid Girl on River Valley High School: if they find out if you're dating
they expel

Me: so date outside?

Frigid Girl: no even if your'e dating a guy from outside the schoo'
the fact that you're dating = expulsion
commie is as commie does

Me: wut.
was that rule applied to anyo you know

Frigid Girlno cos they always made us break up
the trick is
the moment some counsellor found you (inside OR outside the school)
they will report you
the discipline headmistress will confront you
and then call your parents
then the parenst will haev to make a choice
if they agree to the rship, kid will be expelled
if they don't (more often than not), kid has to break up
apparently dunman has similiar rules
if not more strict

Someone on the above: "Basically there were a few ways of getting caught. One of which was to wear the RV uniform and you can await rabid ex-alumni of RVHS students who would complain about the smallest transgressions to get you. I recalled one of them complained how an RVian couple were making out on the MRT train like an "octopus". Or you could choose to date around the school and got caught by the discipline mistress.

Either way, most people just dated without wearing uniforms. Not difficult to evade.."

MFTTW: last week i was at holland v carpark

as i walked down the stairs
i passed a guy carrying his gf on his back up the stairs
she didn't look hurt or ill... but she was wearing very stupid looking
high heels
when he reached the top of the stairs she jupmed off and gave him a
peck on the cheek

Me: why? *** won't do that for you?

MFTTW: -_-
well firstly yes *** definitely wont do that
secondly wtf

Me: hee

MFTTW: i remarked loudly to *** "i guess now you know why girls say sg men
have no balls"
but i don't think either of them heard

Me: and if he didn't do it he'd be accused of not being gentlemanly
you can't win
*men can't win

MFTTW: ha. such a sad lot you men have.
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