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Friday, April 06, 2012

"How many tarantulas do you have to have to run a Norman army out of their camp?"

"During one Norman assault on Palermo, Robert's army suddenly was attacked by tarantula spiders, whose bites caused great pain, swelling, and chronic flatulence. The experience so shook the Normans that they retreated. Curiously, the "true" tarantula spider, named for Taranto, Italy, does not bite, is not poisonous, and flees for cover if disturbed. However, the name came to apply to other spiders that are very poisonous indeed. Historians conclude that Robert's troops must have disturbed the habitat of some other, less friendly spider than the amiable Italian tarantula"

--- The Quest for the City : A.D. 740 to 1100 : Pursuing the Next World, They Founded this One / Ted Byfield, Christian History Project, Paul Stanway

(original tidbit via History According to Bob)
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