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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Conversations - 3rd April 2012

Me: but she's a bit two faced

Someone else: Two faced? How so
Am I two faced too?

Me: for one, she's a lawyer ;)

Someone else: Why r u so wary of her

Me: didnt I tell you wat happened

Someone else: Yes
But benefit of doubt?
Nevermind :)

Me: would you rather be stupid or evil?

Someone else: Evil

Me: so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she's evil ;)

Someone: amazing... after I checked the box for "Casual Sex" under the Looking
for section, I was inundated with messages on OK Cupid

[Ed: the gender of the speaker should be clear]

Someone else: just went for another single depserate and notwanted event
it was very badly organised

we stayed at each table for about 10 minutes or so

its hard to get to know someone tt well
so i guess is primarily based on 1st impression

anyway most of the ladies r the type that most guys wouldnt even take a 2nd look at

the really "eligible" ones...1 or 2...would be swarmed after the event
as in
after the event offically ends

Me: 10 mins is quite long liao

aiyah dont be so shallow :P

Someone else: even though i had "managed expectations", there were only 2-3 tt really caught my attention

Me: hurr
is it just looks?

Someone else: when u have such a short attention given to each lady
what could u assess on
besides looks

likewise the most pressing qn the girls wanted to ask e guys to form an impression is "what do u work as?"

Me: actually they want to know how much you earn :P

Someone else: i noe
but they cannot ask this qn as a first qn

based on occupation, they can filter off those tt arent eligible

Me: sad.

try telling them you're a phd student
the ones who are still interested will be keepers =D

Me: aiyah most people's response when challenged is to insult

Someone: Yes, it seems to be the norm. He seems threatened easily.

Me: heh singaporeans are easily offended
then when they're offended, call police

Someone: hahahahaah
and more.

Me: singaporeans think they have a right to be protected from offence

Someone: I remember once hanging up on a person who promptly called back
and asked do you know who I am?
I replied, no i don't and I hung up.

he called back again
asking if i knew who he was
and I said no and hung up

he continued calling for the next 3 hours.
I didn't know who the caller is. I hung up on him many more times.
I never did find out who that caller was incidentally.

He was peddling direct blind mass-emailing
and I said there are going to be laws on it in a few years time and I
find this to be a rather pointless exercise in pissing off potential

Speaking of offence,
two weeks ago
I said I find Siglap to be an urban sprawl and thus a suburban hell

I got flamed by a number in the *** group
who deemed that what I described as suburban hell is insensitive

they proceeded to call me low IQ and EQ in no uncertain terms
andm ore

Yes, you are right about them on offence.
Quite a funny thing to be offended about too.

Me: you disagree with me = you're dumb
you tell me that you disagree with me = you're insensitive

Someone: They would not agree to a contrary point of view.
or even allow it
which seems to be rather common.

Someone else: at the risk of betraying my own gender on international women's day, i think men tend to get ahead at work cos they dun take things so personally/ sweat the small stuff as much

Someone on Zhang Yimou's 'Flowers of War': it belongs to the old PRC genres of national humliation, foreign peril, foreign devil,
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