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Monday, March 26, 2012

Observations - 26th March 2012

"Sometimes I think we're alone. Sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the thought is staggering." - R. Buckminster Fuller


"People used to think illnesses were caused by devils or evil spirits. We now know they're caused by poor circulation of Qi"

[On dismissing pseudoscience without examining it] "Once we think we know in advance which effects are real and which are illusory, true scientific objectivity flies out of the window"

NTU censors their internet access, while NUS doesn't. Maybe this is why NUS is ranked higher.

Someone: "kids, never make a job out of your passion. mine is almost dead."

Love the euphemism "large scale armed immigration" for invasion.

A non-vegan who talks about animal cruelty is probably like a Confederate slaveholder talking about human rights.

I didn't know humanity had managed to make rinderpest extinct. What a tragedy for species diversity!

A lawyer pointed out to me that in Singapore, you don't need to have intent to commit rape. The specific clause is: "Any man who penetrates the vagina of a woman with his penis without her consent... shall be guilty of an offence". Actually in general the crimes involving sexual activity (excluding outrage of modesty) don't specify intention, which is interesting. Perhaps this all ties in to Victorian ideas about presumed consent which are no longer extant. I haven't yet heard of cases where the nebulous and contested concept of consent has given someone legal problems here, though.

The Cock has a book called "三个A Cup的女人". Even after finding a page listing the book I can't figure out where the Cups come in.

Interesting question: Which of the following has the biggest influence on your behavior?
Reason, Observation, Empiricism, Trial-And-Error.
Tradition, Faith, Upbringing, Heritage.
Emotion, Intuition, Instinct.

From my full-time traveller friend: "Kosovo - why would you go there? There is nothing there to see expect for the policemen everywhere. The pollution is terrible. And people smile on the surface but are truly guarded within. These are the aftereffects of war. People are tired."

"Don't mess with us Indians. We wrote the kama sutra. We can fuck you in more ways than you can count"

RT: @jaykayell_: #SignsYourSonMightBeGay He keeps bringing attractive women home and having sex with them because he is deeply in denial. [NB: This is good logic to justify anything you want]

RT: @puddiemel: It's true. Gay guys in denial are the biggest bitches.

RT @THEDAILYFUCK: Life is a lot like math. If it goes too easily, you know something is wrong.

RT: @spoonrabbit: "I passed the breast exam!" "The passing mark must be really low." D'::

RT @Glinner The Catholic Church, indifferent and lethargic in its response to the sexual abuse of children, is now energised by gay marriage. Amazing

"Aujourd'hui, mon fils m'a dit qu'il fallait que je fasse plus souvent l'amour à ma femme "parce que tu comprends, j'en ai marre de ses sautes d'humeur". VDM"

"Aujourd'hui, je travaille sur une plateforme téléphonique et je tombe sur un client mécontent : "Puisque j'ai attendu sept minutes avec cette musique ridicule, à vous d'en faire autant ! Lalalala lala la..." VDM"

RT: @Flootoutcourt: Quand je mourrai, je voudrais que quelqu'un se connecte sur mon Twitter pour faire peur aux gens :"Hey,vous saviez qu'ils ont le Wi-Fi ici?"

RT @justinbiebiere: La meilleure grève contre le chômage, c'est le travail...

RT @Joan_Larroumec Seuls les vrais hommes savent apprécier les femmes à moustache.
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