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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Malaysian Delights

"Hard to find pretty girls in Kuala Lumpur? Poor KL! You should look to Ipoh, where everywhere you turned your head, you'd find pretty girls. The abundanc eof pretty girls in Ipoh had begun to be noticed, and comented upon, by people ever since the arrival of the peaches in the coffee shops. A favourite preoccupation of aficionados of beauty was to theorise how the girls of Ipoh got to be so pretty. Was it the soft water they drank? Or the tofu they ate, that made their skins as white as snow? Or perhaps the famous fat and crunchy Ipoh bean sprouts that thrived on the crystal clear water? Whatever it was, Ipoh had begun to acquire another epithet, the "Town of Pretty Girls.""

--- Ipoh: when tin was king / Ho Tak Ming
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