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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Down with rapacious capitalism. Up with...

Comment on another anti-banker rant:

"I share the same disgust at banker's greed as you do George. But I'm still waiting for one of these columns to explain to me why a bank bailout which - according to this paper the other week - has cost us £32 billion (or two months of government borrowing) has single handedly destroyed us. Not least given the banking sector paid more than that in tax during the bailout years, never mind the casino years where it financed the state largesse championed in these pages while 'right winger's were complaining of what it would lead to.

I'd also like to understand why banking driven economies such as Switzerland face only troubles relating to their strength, and the apparent coincidence that all the nations that are screwed are the ones where governments overspent massively, and used the banks to facilitate ponzi scheme economies.

Because, God forbid, were that anything other than remarkable coincidence, it might explain why the left hasn't presented the merest hint of an alternative, and why the occupy movements are curiously silent on the same, in contrast (for better or worse) to the Tea Party."
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