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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Conversations - 15th October 2011

"There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past." - George Carlin


Someone: that's why i prefer talking to the guys
they do something after talking [about their situation]
females, on the other hand...

Ken: i'm a bit skeptical abt "true love" nowadays. probably more
than u r abt "democracy in singapore"

Someone: i reallyprefer a sat class but oki lah i neeed to spend my voucher

Me: you got voucher? what? marry french man AF give you voucher? [Ed: AF = Alliance Française]

Someone: runme shaw price

Hum Sup Guy: i just came back from Lyon
the food was good, but i spent about 70 euros on every meal, and this
was at humble bouchons

Someone: my worker was telling my malaysian office girl
"I voted PAP because they will withhold my CPF if i don't."

Me: how old is he

Someone: 55

Me: was he referring to PE or GE

Someone: GE.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: what do u think of yaacob Ibrahim
and his family.

Me: no opinion

Ralph Waldo Emerson: how can.

Me: I dont care
never do NS who cares

Ralph Waldo Emerson: because it's your country.
do u not feel a sense of anger
and indignation
or at least in a more rational perspective, a conflict of interest

Me: my anger and indignation are reserved for the system of Slavery
which poisons the national rhetoric

Someone: theyre planning KTVs

going to get raped by prc commandettes. ughhh

i got raped there lah

it was BS kareoke
in the middle of geylang

we went in

the mamasan came in and said, u ready
(name of kareoke is BS kareoke)
then like dozen plus prcs came in and assulted us

Me: uncle
karaoke in geylang
what were you expecting

Someone: sit on you boobs to your face
no room to fight
and with my friend yelling

Me: eh if he knows how come he went there

and the stag was beggin me to protect him

in retrospect it was quite funny

Me: -_-
you all quite cockah

Ken on how to buy things in China: bargaining sux initiall
but i got used to it

subsequently i bought everything close to cost price
and enjoy exasperating the shop keepers

just underbid
and walk away

if they dun chase after means u've underbid
and then go to the next stall and raise it by 10 yuan

Someone: i think prcs are very gracious

in general most of them have been more polite accepting
they dont mind sitting next to indians on buses/trains

Me: haha
as compared to locals?

Someone: yea!

Me: how to know expats and foreigners

but then she's a girl
and seems quite young
and quite hot

MFTTW Of cos
There are entry costs to hanging out with expats

But you get to enjoy rich lifestyle

Me: no costs if you're a young, pretty girl
people will pay for you (:

is it just me or are there many girls who hang out with expats, but almost no guys?

MFTTW The entry cost is having to be a young pretty girl and dress up

Me: hurr hurr hurr

MFTTW Guys got some la but not common

Me: that's why I said almost no guys

MFTTW For guys you must be rich very very rich

Someone on The Tree of Life: some thought it was pretentious. i think it's brilliant.
won't last more than a week, i bet. lots of singaporeans walking out of the cinema during the screening
even the FREE preview

it's like a virginia woolf novel set to film and music
lots of interior monologue drifting in and out, story told out of order, weird editing... the works
but damn beautiful visuals

like someone's life flashed by the moment he dies.

Me: i.e. like a drug induced delusion

Someone else from another girls school: maybe she is just from RGS
a bit fucked up inside

Me: are your *** girls all well adjusted?

Someone else: nope
fucked up but in diff way

all girls are fucked up

Me: how are they fucked up then
well girls are neurotic

Someone else: want guys' attention and the way they go about it lor

TC: u got any friends working at STD?

lol lol!!!


Ken: guys going to japan without buying porn is like going to singapore without seeing the merlion
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