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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My brother-in-law's latest bout of stupidity

My sister writes:

"Tabea [my cat] recently had a bout of conjunctivitis. She was given a bottle of eye drops, and was a v good girl about it,unresistingly allowed [my husband] to apply the eye drops for her.

Last week I also had a spot of eye trouble and was given eye cream by the GP. Unlike the conjunctivitis eye drops I have used before, this was a sticky viscous cream that does not 'drip' from the bottle. In fact it wasn't even a bottle but a tube, and the cream was the consistency of cake icing.

I asked [my husband] to apply my eye cream for me.

I was wondering why it was so fluid as I was expecting something sticky.

He realized he had used [the cat]'s eye drops on me.
Thankfully it appears no major harm was done, which is good, because [my husband] is rubbish as a seeing eye dog."
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