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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conversations - 11th May 2011

Me: The PAP is very good at Economics 101. Not so good at Economics 404

MFTTW: That's because we get Engineers to make Economic Policy

Someone: Women are so vicious
Gabriel I'm disturbed that you can come up with so many reasons for her malice

Obviously you've been doing too much research on the female psyche for your own good

Someone on a use of Freud: psych or english student?

Me: english, naturally
because he was a fraud

Someone: hahah
why is eng lit so fond of his theories?
don't they have any frameworks of their own

or is it because it's obsfuscating enough

Me: because he talks rubbish
and they like to talk rubbish

Someone: yeah lor

I can't think of any way in which the discipline has contributed to knowledge
serious navel gazing down there

Me: =D

@queenofejungle: i'm looking forward to seeing some castles in italy
too!! @drugstruck / Top 10 castles of the world

Me: Versailles is not a castle... Not all châteaux are castles. And
wtf Mont St Michel?!?! Anyway I've visited 4 haha

@queenofejungle: so cool! i wanna visit castles too and have a feel of

Me: Istana Garden (Sultan Garden) and the Sultan Palace, Johor Bahru | - Johor Bahru Hunts

@queenofejungle: basket!

Someone: got pple scold me for not playing games haha
hard man

Me: huh who

Someone: my friends loh
say should have been harder to get
make him work harder

Me: your female friends ah

Someone: yar

Me: this is why dating in singapore sucks

Me: One song I'm not singing - "Indonesia my lovely country"

Someone else: what about "malaysia truly asia"

Me: It is truly Asia what:

- Bad weather
- Corruption
- Poor infrastructure
- Limited democracy

PPBI: "if a GRC falls I buy you one hour with a social escort of your choice."

so how?

Me: I feel like donating it to charity
you want?

PPBI: uhhhhh
no thanks

like hello

TC: so sad
make her happy!

Me: -_-

TC: hahaha am i irritating u

Me: I'm going to start sexually harassing you in french again
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