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Saturday, April 30, 2011

u r wt u wr - 30th April 2011

"Of those who say nothing, few are silent." - Thomas Neill


u r wt u wr:

- [Contributed] 'The waitress gave me crabs'
- [Auntie in her 50s] 'Just the two of us secret'
- '♥ my shirt'
- 'I may look innocent but I sure can put you into trouble'
- 'Magic woman' (Maybe she makes your money disappear)
- 'Happy nude year'
- 'Time has no meaning when you are in love' (I'd like to say that I saw her running for a bus, but that'd be a lie)
- 'Nice *picture of heart with moustache* moustache' (Maybe it was commentary on her bikini line)
- 'He's not my BOYFRIEND <- He's my BODYGUARD' - 'I'm confident' (If you are, you won't need to proclaim it) - 'Bisous *kiss lipstick mark* pour toi' (Translation: 'Kisses for you') - 'Not lonely here at the top' (There was an upward-pointing arrow in the o in 'not' pointing at her non-existent pearl necklace)
- 'Hot waffles to go *picture of open waffle maker*'
- 'I *star* shining for you'
- [Auntie in her 50s] 'What's Your Number?' (this looked like an event shirt but nothing was big enough to read)
- 'U like what you see?' (She had a bulging tummy, so no)
- 'We're so cool. We're so cool. Ice cubes are jealous'
- [Woman in her late 50s] 'I want to be your love *many words*'
- 'What you wish for'
- 'Don't forget to blink'
- 'Get what you want'
- 'Hug *tree trunk* me'
- 'I only date models not you' ("Only date" was in a heart)
- 'Only sos as girl lover'
- 'Nice and sweet' (she was wearing a tudung with a T-shirt)
- 'Innocent by day. Party girl *something*'
- 'I'm a beautiful girl. Just let us love'
- 'Your tee will look cool on me'
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