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Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it." - Groucho Marx


Expensive and mediocre
(cross-posted on HGW)

Was here for dinner and we ordered Baked Black Cod and Squid Ink Pasta.

They have an open concept kitchen and the aromas were wafting throughout the establishment, so I was expecting a decent repast.

While the Squid Ink Pasta was decent even if not spectacular (coming with some fried fish was an interesting touch), the Cod was awful despite being touted as a house or chef's specialty. I am accustomed to Italian fish having crisp skin and firm flesh that is bursting with simple yet robust flavours. This Cod had soft flesh, limp skin and flavourless flesh - and was cold to boot.

On top of that, the restaurant is expensive, especially for food of this standard. The 2 mains came up to $72.75.

Vegetarians should also beware, as according to the person who wrote the menu, grilled chicken breast is vegetarian.

The coup de grâce is that service isn't very good. Had to gesticulate wildly to try to attract the staff's attention, and even then we were forgotten for a while.

Perhaps it is a bad sign that they feel the need to emphasise that the restaurant is "authentic".


On the subject of food reviews, MFTTW's new tumblr Hungry say what? at is up:

"Community forums for reviewing restaurants can be a good thing. But with GREAT POWER comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. And some people just cannot handle that kind of hot potato."

Some choice bits:

1) Ambience is good with light english music.
2) Price is reasonable. What you see is how much you pay. No gimmicks.
3) Food is good. Can fight with jap restaurants in town.
4) Best of all, walking distance from my hse.


i) what’s light english music? purcell? with a side of the kings’ singers?
2) um. charging the price on the menu. how ingenious.
三)Fight fight fight!
d) yeah, if the horse is left too far away, someone might steal it."

”The potato salad had a nice zinc to the taste - very refreshing!!

— maybe it was made by an iron chef"

The service is good and the! Had the crab pasta thingy, lamb thingy, as well as one other item which I cannot recall for the life of me.. all were fantastic!

— The review that started it all…"
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