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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I won't win a trip to Sydney

"History is the short trudge from Adam to atom." - Leonard Louis Levinson


(Facebook page)

From the email I was spammed with (which was how I learned about the contest):

"Hi there,

Win a Sydney holiday and many more!
What is it about Sydney you absolutely HAVE to experience?

Tell us and you could win a Sydney holiday!
A pair of tickets to Sydney on Singapore Airlines
Three nights Sydney accomodation
The latest Canon Digital IXUS 1000 HS Camera

Four pairs of exciting Sydney holidays to be won."

Coincidentally, Bunny Boy sent me an article from the Australian Doctor which inspired me.

So this was my idea submission:

Category: Outdoor & Adventure

Experience Title: Stay in a backpackers' hostel and have fun with fellow travelers!


"Backpackers’ promiscuity and reluctance to use condoms is fuelling the spread of chlamydia, say Sydney experts, who want health campaigns to get serious about targeting bars and hostels"

Unfortunately all submissions must be approved, so I don't think I'll be winning anything...
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