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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now it's racist to say you shouldn't talk on the phone in the library

"It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper." - Jerry Seinfeld


Alexandra Wallace, UCLA Student, Rants on Asians for Phoning Tsunami Victims in the Library (VIDEO)

"Alexandra Wallace -- equipped with a dorm room, a pushup bra, a webcam and two minutes fifty-two seconds too much free time -- managed to ignite a "Kill the Beast"-caliber Internet mob in a matter of hours on Sunday afternoon...

Campus police tell the Bruin that Wallace began receiving death threats to both her e-mail inbox and phone...

'"If she's received a death threat, I find that as deplorable as her original YouTube video. If this is the response of students on campus, we've got a lot of work to do," said Robert Naples, associate vice chancellor and dean of students'

Wallace's poli-science professor divulges that those "precautions" included re-scheduling her finals, as the Internet mob had apparently gotten ahold of her exam locations. (Now that's dedication)...

Contrary to their "UCLA May Punish Student" headlines, a comment in the Bruin from Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Robert Naples -- "but he cautioned that the code does not usurp the authority of the First Amendment" -- suggests the university is well aware they have no grounds on which to do so"

Apparently now it's racist to say that you should keep quiet in the library.

As usual, this is ridiculous - I totally agree with her "rant" (it doesn't qualify as one, but for the sake of argument...).

Her "ching chong ling long" is slightly offensive but really it is nothing (Russell Peters has jokes about Chinese that aren't that different, but because he has Indian Privilege [or rather, non-White Privilege] he's fine).

And if death threats are "as deplorable" as telling a group of people that they should keep quiet in the library, something is very wrong somewhere (i.e. the loss of proportionality).

This just goes to show that you can't change human nature: while the victims of hate and prejudice change, the fact of it (and it arising from an in/outgroup mentality) does not.

(Incidentally, it's sexist to pick on her pushup bra)

Addendum: "comedy on racism is only racist if the comedian is white" (comment on a Russell Peters video)

Someone: I actually agree with her too
She totally described all the PRCs in Singapore

I think what made people angry was the fact that she brought up the tsunami

I find that my white friends don't dare to criticise Asians in front of me in general
Usually they're very surprised when I say something unflattering about my own race
and then they relax and confess that they also think the same way but can't tell anyone due to their skin colour

Me: enjoy your Privilege :)

Someone: :D I will
I will also enjoy the privilege of being female

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