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Friday, December 24, 2010

FAIL Slavery Tale (Coconuts and an Axe)

"It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value." - Arthur C. Clarke


share your weird army friends story leh

"another time we doing guard duty.. outside the bunk got this coconut tree. real coconut tree this time round.

so my friend say, try to get the coconut, then can drink the juice.

so we try to climb the coconut trees like how you see in the show. super tough... then my friend got good idea.. he say, the toolshed there got axe.. can use the axe, throw at the coconuts, if our aiming zhun zhun, can hit the coconut and the coconut would come down, and we can drink.

another friend even more clever.. he say the axe later don't aim properly, would hit the coconut, and get stuck there! then if the CSM or the PC see already, we all sure kena sign extra..idea! we tie a rope to the end of the axe, so in case the axe kena stuck, we just need to pull the rope, then the axe can be pulled down as well.

3rd friend is machaim got more safe than us.. he suggest, like that very dangerous.. cos if axe pull down or richochet off the tree, very dangerous.. we better wear our combat helmet while doing this..

so all of us agree.. we tie the rope, we wear our helmet, all ready to knock the coconut down from the 5-6metre tree.. then i suggest, cos when we throw the axe, we might let go of the rope as well.. the thrower should tie the rope around his wrist.. so like that he can concentrate on the throwing..

so all done, already, my friend threw the axe.. but we didn't consider the length of the rope.. i think our rope at most also about 4meter long only. so when the we throw the axe, the rope already max length, but never reach the coconut yet, my friend see already start running. but since the rope is tied round his wrist, when he start running, inherently the axe would be pulled towards him..

the axe came flying towards him, in the end kena hit his shoulder.. we see already farking scared. got blood everywhere! in the end no choice, have to call ambulance, come get him.. all kena SOP, sign 7 weeks extra..

thinking back, we really farking stoopid fools... but at the same time, when we meet up for supper or talk kok kopi session, always have a good laugh about our childishness."
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