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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On comparative grocery shopping options in Singapore

A: Ntuc retails lurpak butter for $5.95, versus cold storage at $5.70! Fairprice my ass.

Me: Yes Indomee is cheaper at Cold Storage Gourmet than Fairprice

A: from what i can observe, ntuc sells things cheaper because they are lower quality (like vegetables that are not as fresh etc). i always try to shop at cold storage / jasons / isetan.

B: I only buy stuff I can't get from Cold Storage at NTUC.

Their vegetables are from China, their apples are shriveled and full of bruises. Even my downstairs 24-hour MCP supermarket sells better things (and cheaper) than NTUC.

C: Usually the grades of fresh produce are A grade from Cold storage, B for NTUC/Giant/Shop n save whilst C for SS. Try buying on thursday for NTUC.. the stuff comes in then.
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