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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Echo sucks - here's how to leave comments easily before I switch to Disqus

"The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps." - Benjamin Disraeli


Frigid Girl: your [comments box] is damn irritating and takes ten years to load
i ain't gonna comment anymore

Ever since JS-Kit forcibly migrated us ex-Haloscan users to Echo, I've not been happy with the new commenting system, because of various issues. Chief among them:

i) Speed (or rather lack thereof - if you click on the "Comments" link you will get a popup box that takes forever to load)
ii) Forcing us to pay US$9.95 a year to "upgrade", or lose our accounts
iii) The e-mail address of commenters is not captured so we can reply to them
iv) JS-Kit has a horrible attitude towards their customers

(You can read complaints by other bloggers)

I intend to move to Disqus (an alternative comments system) soon, but in the meantime you leave comments quickly by going to the post pages and using the forms at the bottom (for example, the post page for this page is)

There're 2 ways to go to access a post page:

1) Click on the post title (the orange line at the start of this post)
ii) Click on the timestamp (the blue text after "Posted by Agagooga", for example the timestamp of this post reads "12:03 AM")
[iii) If you're using an RSS reader, there is probably a function to visit the URL of the post you're reading]
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