"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Monday, January 19, 2009

"After an access cover has been secured by 16 hold-down screws, it will be discovered that the gasket has been omitted." - De la Lastra's Corollary


The Perils of Being a Good Samaritan in California - "The Supreme Court of California has ruled that one good deed may very well not go unpunished — unleashing a debate not only on who is a Good Samaritan but who shouldn't even think about being one. On Dec. 19, the court made a decision in the case of Alexandra Van Horn v. Lisa Torti. The case alleged that Torti worsened the injuries suffered by Van Horn by yanking her "like a rag doll" from a wrecked car on Nov. 1, 2004, thus rendering Van Horn a paraplegic. The court found that Torti wasn't protected from legal action under California's current Good Samaritan laws."

Apple: Choose Your Own Apple CEO Adventure - "After a long and fruitful tenure as CEO, Steve Jobs steps down in early 2009 to fanfare and industry fawning. Apple needs a new leader. It’s time to choose your own adventure."

Cat Banned from Post Office for Not Paying Taxes - "An Alabama town rallies around Sammy the cat by buying a PO Box in his name after he was evicted from the local post office."

Pretty women likely to cheat - "Dr Li and Ms Durante found that women with higher levels of oestradiol were rated as more attractive by themselves and others, and were more willing to cheat in a relationship - but not more likely to have a one-night stand. Their study was published online this week in the journal Biology Letters. They concluded that such highly fertile women 'are especially motivated to be acquainted with other, presumably more desirable, men', in a strategy of 'trading-up'."

Invisible Surgery: Appendix Removed Through Patient's Vagina - ""Unfortunately," Udelsman said, "there is not a comparable approach for men, at least for the appendix."

Monopod on Flickr - "Custom-made cheap monopod, here's more info. Two joined poles, camera almost 6 meters up."

High caffeine intake linked to hallucination proneness - "People with a higher caffeine intake, from sources such as coffee, tea and caffeinated energy drinks, are more likely to report hallucinatory experiences such as hearing voices and seeing things that are not there, according to the Durham University study... Caffeine use can lead to a condition called caffeine intoxication. Symptoms include nervousness, irritability, anxiety, muscle twitching, insomnia, headaches, and heart palpitations. This is not commonly seen when daily caffeine intake is less than 250mg."
I suspect omitted variable bias: those who take more caffeine do it because they sleep less. Anyhow, we can add this to the "Say no to drugs!" campaign posters and be rid of the scourge of caffeine forever - one sip and you're hooked for life!!!

Lawyer questions different treatment - "CRIMINAL lawyer Subhas Anandan wonders if there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. Writing in the latest issue of Probono, the official publication of the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore (ACLS), Mr Anandan pointed to stark discrepancies in the treatment of compounding of offences. He cited several cases where the courts refused to allow the accused to privately settle with the victims, apparently in the public interest... On the other hand, when the accused is well-off or a professional, the offender is allowed to compound the offence with no objection from the prosecutors.Those thus let off cited by Mr Anandan included a dentist, a doctor and the wife of Venture Corporation head Wong Ngit Liong, who slapped an air stewardess during a flight."
"The law itself will not tolerate any attempt by any person to undermine public confidence in the courts by making false and scandalous allegations" - Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong. Time to throw the book at someone!

Somalia confirmed as piracy capital - " The increased ability of pirates to sail farther out to sea, coupled with the inability of the Somali government to respond, led to what the report called an "unprecedented" rise in piracy in the area. The problems off the Somali coast contributed to a global rise in piracy, which was up 11 percent in 2008 from the year before, the report said... Last year's uptick in hijackings off East Africa has already spurred a number of international navies to patrol the Gulf of Aden."
Anarcho-libertarians should move to Somalia - their ideal land. At least till the evil governments crack down on the pirates.

Man refuses to drive 'No God' bus - "A Christian bus driver has refused to drive a bus with an atheist slogan proclaiming "There's probably no God". Ron Heather, from Southampton, Hampshire, responded with "shock" and "horror" at the message and walked out of his shift on Saturday in protest. First Bus said it would do everything in its power to ensure Mr Heather does not have to drive the buses."
My favourite comment about this whole saga, and the double standards involved: “People don’t like being preached at.” - Stephen Green of pressure group Christian Voice (especially given how tentative the bus slogan was)
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