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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking." - Dave Barry


Someone: when i was younger i wanted to be a philantropist
because i thought giving away money was an easy job

then i realized you have to have money first

Me: that's why I say girls like screwing themselves up

Someone else: I don't think they *like* it but it happens

Me: well they keep doing it

Someone else: I think they keep doing it cuz hmmm... ok this will sound bad, but I'm just being honest

1) low self-esteem
in general, for almost every girl I've met, including myself

so it's really not too tough to get round a girl lor. Most of the assholes will lie or at least distort some portion of the truth

say he'd be there for you etc, be 'understanding'
praise her -- this really works -- as dumb as it might sound

so go for the bastard lor

hey I've been there :P
I intend not to go there again!

Me: yeah women have pathologically low self esteem

Someone else: the only woman with high self esteem I've ever met was this one in jc
wah she thought she was damn smart, damn chio lor
(truth is she was neither :P )

2) I really think women are tended to be more emotive and less logical
even if got logical faculty it is usually not primary, or turned off in relationships

Me: yes
and I'm fat too

Someone else: rofl

I have no idea though, maybe it's biological?

I'm not sure what it is
but I know it's quite bad for me, I get affected emotionally damn bloody easily

tsunami in 2004, see tv, keep crying
read book, cry
if book ends in happy ending, happy

I always think, oei wtf
damn weird lah

Me: as my JC classmate said
"happy also cry, sad also cry"

Someone else: then I can feel bad for absolutely no reason at all and sit on the bed and cry and cry for AGES
like hours

and like it's a mental blanking out -- during that time I *can't* think
I just wail and wail >_<
(that's why I never thought of myself as unconventional :P I feel so typical lor!)

3) women use the excuse that they're women to continue doing 1 and 2

it's a tad ironic
and quite clever

as in, I think -- from my exp lah -- remember I was from lit, where there are A LOT of dumb girls
who feel they're profound


*** kept saying that lit was full of smart people
soci people would die in lit etc

Someone else: bullshti lah
10% of the population is smart

actually, the better students in EN
tend to be guys
if you coutn the number who have second upper and above...

Me: clear evidence of institutional sexism

Someone else: it's usually around 10-15 students
and the ratio is split maybe 60% girls to 40% guys

but consider that the ratio in lit
is 95% girls ro 10% guys

so this means, in general guys do better

I think the reason is really that the guys feel lit is a 'feminine' discipline
so those coming to it really work at it
they don't take it for granted

which ties back into what I said

like there are a lot of girls there who are like, ah, but I feel the book!! that's only 5% of your work done. An important 5% but still
only 5%

'aiyah but must feel what' -- they just stop here lah

'we're girls' etc
then say something abt patriarchy. Which is true to some extent -- but again

they remove nuance out of it
so liddat lro

as my prof says, it's as if they take out all the nuance they can from whatever you say!
(she was complaining)

then when they are unreasonable, it's 'girl power'


Someone else: no it's true

it's not such an easy issue lor
but they make it an easy issue

it's like, they don't think lor, they just stop.

HWMNBN: i actually am old enough to feel a little affronted to be used a[s] tissue paper in her emotional trauma

it's a pity she's not cute anymore

*shrugs* truly, once a woman loses her only weapon
she is utterly defenseless/useless

Someone: SAF = Evil. I had a friend who puked while talking about army.
like he really puked

or maybe it was the hot wings but at any rate he was talking abt NS and suddenly .... WOOOSSHH

MFTTW: she's just counting the days (until ***) when she gets married and becomes a tai tai

Me: good lah
to be a girl

till your 30s anyway

MFTTW: her husband to be is [cushy job]
she can slack liao

Me: hoho

MFTTW: yeah my friend's husband is taking *** scholarship to do MBA or something lah

so she gets to tag along and be overseas expat tai tai

Me: see this is why women are paid less

MFTTW: it's a vicious circle lah

the women are paid less so they have less incentive to climb the career ladder and then quit
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