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Monday, May 05, 2008

"What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream? Or what's worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists?" - Woody Allen


"I don't know what I should say about ICQ, but in my opinion there are a lot of mistakes. This stupid invisible mode which not work, if another user use not the ICQ client too, icq published unfinished beta products, the ICQ forums on the site are a bad joke, and NO I want not see pictures from girls with very big t... .Spam problems are stilled not solved."


"Observe the ladies of the court, see how they achieve what they want from their men. Not by stomping their little feet but by allowing the men to believe that they indeed are in charge. That is the art of being a woman." - The Other Boleyn Girl

Girls like to giggle suddenly for no reason. This seems to be a cross-cultural phenomenon.

KFC Singapore used to suck, but the last time I tried it it was much better, even comparable to the Malaysian one.

Some people like their martinis shaken, not stirred. I know someone who likes her honey milk [bubble] tea unshaken and left to sit the right side up, so the pearls soak up the flavour).

I bought a Delifrance feuliette and even though they heated it up for me, it was cool inside. Gah. Their quality has really gone down since they started doctoring their menu (with Chicken Curry Feuliettes, Tofu Bolognaise and Curry Chicken/Lamb Baked Rice at least they're not claiming to be "the Authentic French Cafe Bakery" anymore, at least not in Singapore).

I was talking about California Pizza Kitchen and someone said it wasn't very good. I was shocked, till I found out he thought I meant Canadian Pizza. Gah. ("I make the best Canadian pizza ever! It’s called the “Baby Seal Supreme with extra cheese and whale blubber.”")

I had a strand of hair which, from the end, went from black to white to black to white again. Not very stable.

Malays can't drive into some parts of Signal camps. Hurray for racial harmony.

I know one Catholic who had premarital sex but didn't use protection. My comment was that if you're having premarital sex, using protection is the least of your sins.

The next time Christians say they'll pray for me, I'll promise to sacrifice a heifer to the Gods for them. If they're being stupid, I'll sacrifice it to Athena, so maybe they'll become smarter.

A Muslim friend tells me that MUIS doesn't require Malays setting foodstalls don't need to get Halal certificates.

If you change your religion to marry someone, it's clear neither your old nor your new religion mean very much to you.

A Muslim friend was talking about eating hunted rabbit. He said it was sour because of the lactic acid from the chase. Someone asked if it was halal (just before I did) and he said you need to not kill it outright so you can kill it the halal way later. This seems more cruel than killing it outright, as in normal hunting.

He also said that Dragonfruit was haram because it belonged to the Cactus family (I asked why pigs being haram doesn't make humans haram, and he said animals have different rules). He checked Aloe Vera, but it was a Lotus so it was okay.

When I twittered my befuddlement, 2 Muslims twittered back denying that Dragonfruit is haram, and I couldn't find anything on it or cacti being haram, so I assumed that he was bullshitting as usual and dropped a drop on him, but he seemed genuinely offended.

One of the aforementioned Twitter contacts:

"I just realize where your friend may have been confused.The liquid from the cactus, is a good source of manufacturing liquor.

The cactus itself can be consumed, but when used for haram purposes, then it becomes haram.

The same logic can be applied to everything that can go through the process of fermentation. I suppose your friend prefers to stay on the safe side. That would mean that he has to avoid all fruits that can be processed as liquor. Based on current methodologies, that's about every single fruit in the planet."
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