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Friday, May 09, 2008

"The follies which a man regrets most, in his life, are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity." - Helen Rowland, A Guide to Men, 1922


Someone: what's gf-feeling

how are girlfriends supposed to feel like
whiny and clingy ah

Someone else: your ideal female has a rational male brain
am i right or not :P

Me: this is the girl who refuses to kiss her boyfriend

Someone: oh frigid girl?

Me: no lah
frigid girl ***s

Someone: hahah... how do you know so many people like that???
you really have some interesting friends

Me: I know a wide spectrum of people
from the most sexually depraved to the most sexually repressed

Someone else: haha..i went to cut my hair short
it's liberating

women cut their hair when they undergo great emotional change

Someone: tell me again, why prostitution is the most honest way of obtaining/engaging in sex

Me: because there's no bullshit
it's a simple transaction of money for sex
both sides know what's involved

Someone: mmm ok

what would you say to those who would say that men looking for prostitutes have objectified women in their minds = baaaaaad

Me: well if the guy only seeks sex with prostitutes then he's probably objectified women as far as sex is concerned

but there are so many relationships you can have with a woman other than a sexual one

a guy who only seeks sex with prostitutes is not the same as one who thinks women are only made to have sex with men and give them sexual pleasure

we objectify people all the time

when I ignore the bus driver I am objectifying him as someone to drive the bus
and not as a real person

when I don't make small talk with the girl at mcdonalds, I have objectified her as a means to get my meal

Someone: i know, i say that too

but you know lah
in my line thus far
i encounter a lot of ppl who are against "objectification:

and in class i've often had to speak up and assert that there is nothing wrong with objectification per se

Me: and do people shriek and call you a misogynist for challenging feminarchy?

Someone: lol they dun shriek
but i bet i know what they think

apparently i caused more damage in that feminism class than even I myself thought i did

so ppl, instead of attacking my points (which they must have found unassailable)
say that i'm over-assertive, intolerant, blah blah

i recently met a girl who took that class with me, she hesitantly broached this topic
then tried to suggest in various subtle ways that i should learn "the art of communication"

and citing toronto as a very tolerant place where ppl didn't put their view forth strongly
cos she took a sem there before

Me: "A bigot is anyone winning an argument with a liberal"

Someone: bwaha

Me: anyway I'm quite sure that's not true
a modern view of tolerance is that you tolerate anything except perceived intolerance

Someone: i know

my angle on it was, such places where ppl are "accommodating" are not intellectually rigorous

when i attack ppl's points, it's their problem if they take it personally
why dun they defend, or attack me back
i keep wishing they would do that

Me: anyway there's a difference between putting forward your views strongly, dismissing other views peremptorily, dismissing other views with just cause and imposing your views on others

Someone: hmm quite

Me: making a judgment is not the same as imposing it on people

Someone: nice taxonomy there

Me: anyway when people can't counter your arguments they say you're a pseudo-intellectual, intolerant, ignorant, misunderstood what you read/cited (without saying how), too wet behind the ears etc

Me: if you hit on 1000 girls and 999 say no it's better than sitting at home

so it's better to annoy people
from a personal POV

Someone else: i mean...yah...it's rather be ot there, get sth..or nothing

Me: girls always complain guys are despo
but despo guys get some

Someone else: guys are despo if they re rejected
if they're accepted..they're not ;)

Me: that's why the secret to success in life is not to respect other people

Me: I read some of these essays ah
and I think: did they proofread them?!

maybe I got A cos I got no typos, mysterious sentences, bizarre phrasing etc

Someone: hahahahaha
my sentiments exactly

but rem econs class are full of math types, may not have the patience to go line by line

Me: haha
esp in hons right

Someone: yea man..

funny thing *** after ***
he's qt the math god

but then he said the last qn really stunned him
n he said quite loudly 'i can't answer this cos i'm not creative at all'

Me: in econs we can only do maths
ask us to think and we cant do anything

Someone: the more econs u study, the less econs u actually noe

Me: definitely
and the worse your maths becomes

Someone: my math is bad to begin with

Me: my friend's nick is now:

"Economics is a useless major!"

he's disenchanted at development economics because he can't save the world and he realises how useless it is

well, it is really qt useless

in fact all that i'm studying is fucking useless

Me: saving the world is overrated

Someone: the world is doomed

HWMNBN: aiyah anything is haram
chess is considered haram by some islamic jurists

Me: because? gambling ah

HWMNBN: that's one angle

another angle is that it distracts you
from righteousness/worship etc

my favourite angle is that it teaches you manipulation and hubris at your intellect
as some sufis have it


my favourite poem was written by a sufi

Me: how does the poem go

HWMNBN: النص العربي: لا يوجد
بالرقابة على دستورية القانون والمتضمن القانون الأساسي لعضو البرلمان

[Translation: Arabic text: No
Monitors the constitutionality of the law containing the basic law of the Member of Parliament]

Me: ...

HWMNBN: first verse
beautiful isn't it

Me: ...

HWMNBN: you asked
here;s one in english

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