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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost." - Gustave Flaubert


Someone: if yo uwere given the power
how would you eradicate religion

Me: I wouldn't


Someone: i wish there was a way

given that you have a religion...

Someone: oh dun get me wrong

i believe there's a god
i just hate him

well i am converted
as in i believe he exists, and i am familiar with the doctrine
but then i always was, more or less

but now i just want to find a way to destroy stupidity
and since that largely derives from religion..
and it seems mostly mine..

Me: so you take issue with the followers, the religion as it is, the religion as you think it should be or the god?

Someone: all

Me: hurr hurr

Someone else: actually the law is not consistent

it seems dat christians get away wif alot of things
yet wen someone draw a satirical cartoon of jesus dey kick up a fuss

the threshold with which wat constitutes an offense by Christian is lower than what constitutes an offense against christians

i did have this experience wif this christians girl
she had no qualms evangelising to all groups

Me: of course they don't see it that way

Someone else: dey really tink dey are special
yeah dey are dammned privileged

as i was saying this christian girl, she noes dat christianity doesnt tolerate other religions
she tinks dat christians have the right to go out and evangelise

den i told her i was involved in a project wif a buddhist fren
specifically my project involves the dissection of christian doctrines

the purpose of my project is to compile a resource dat buddhists can use wen defending themselves against the encroachment of evangelists

the nature of the content is meant to "shake the faith of the evangelists"

den this girl accused me of trying to incite religious hatred

i simply told her
Christianity have the right to evangelise (attack)
but other religions also have the right to defend their stand against Christianity

i told her itz fair game
if dey tell their people dun spread Christianity to Buddhists, den dey will not get burnt

i tink dey perceive demselves as some privileged beings, like u said

Someone: anyway have u heard of sexonmia?

sleepwalking sex

Me: hahahaha
so both parties must sleepwalk at the same time

Someone: nope
just the guy
and its funny tt how all documented cases are men

he's sleeping
and unconcious of it

i read it in CLEO

while sleeping he fucks the girl-- sleeping or not
so basically the controversy i whether theuy can consider it rape

cos this girl apparently wanted to sue this guy for raping her
but he has no idea what hapened

okay maybe it happens to girls too
but the stupid CLEO article was quite sexist

in the magazine they said the guy can put on a condom for himself even though he's asleep

he's basically dreaming lah

Someone else: men suck la

Me: hurr hurr
men are evil

Someone else: women are worse though

with all that whining they do about men being dominating and horrible
it's not like they're any better when they're in charge

i'm not ashamed to be a woman. i'm just anti-feminist

Me: haha
when are they in charge

Someone else: thats a good point
damn these patriarchs

Me: =D

Me: women lie a lot

Someone: so do men

Me: men don't lie to themselves

a man would lie to a woman: "I love you"
a woman would lie to her friends and herself: "I love him"

Someone: it is called constructive reality :D

Me: hurr hurr

Someone else: i nearly took a gender class in ubc filled with feminists
they're frightening

it was a level 3 gender class at ubc
taught by a butch prof with a gi jane buzz cut

everyone said it was great so i audited it

turns out, half the class is GLBT

and u shld have seen the response everytime the prof wld say make snide remarks abt patriarchy
the class wld holler and cheer

i think besides me there were prob 3 or 4 straight guys
in a class of 30 plus

and the class projects were open ended and crazy
she said one year one lesbian student performed an interpretive dance in lieu of a paper

it felt like a weekly pogrom against the straight white male establishment
they'd get worked up into a frenzy whenever e prof talked abt imbalanced gender ratios etc
then soon as it died down someone wld make a comment that wld incite e class again

i was pretty nervous in that first class

this is the prof i think her photo says it all

Me: I'm sure they're all strawfeminists

and we wonder why funding for the arts and social sciences is so little

is she lesbian also

Someone else: yeah she kept mentioning her 'partner'

i onl ytried one class then dropped it

Me: obviously you're a bigot and couldn't take the truth

Someone else: 3 hours of haranguement was more than i cld take

Me: I should've sat in
and gotten lynched

Someone else: i[t] wasnt really concerned with the truth
more like their glee at dishing out dirt on men

it felt like a feminist support group where everyone was on the same page all the time

nodding their heads in unison etc

quite kafkaesque

Me: it's called feminarchy

Someone else: lol whatever its called it was unsettling

gotta hand it to the prof tho, she was very entertaining

must be alot of feminists at ubc then
ppl wait 2 years or more to queue up for slots in her gender class

Me: too bad they don't have CORS
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