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Sunday, April 20, 2008

"I have read your book and much like it." - Moses Hadas


One of the things you always ask:

Orthodox Judaism: Clothing/Old Testament

"Expert: Rabbi Ari Shishler
Date: 11/26/2007
Subject: Clothing/Old Testament

I do not have the scripture reference verse, but you probably will find it quickly. I am curious as to why one of the laws was to not wear clothes of 2 different materials. Do you know what the reason for that might have been? Do you consider that law to still be in effect?
Thank you.

Hi Bill

The Torah prohibits wearing garments of a wool and linen mixture. There is no reason given for this prohibition, it is classified as a "chok", the unique brand of Torah commandments that have no known reason.

The purpose of this sort of commandment is to train us to serve G-d out of commitment and acceptance, rather than human appreciation.

I hope that helps you.


Rabbi Shishler"

Okay. A very honest answer.

If only everyone else were as honest.
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