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Friday, January 06, 2006

Someone: this should interest you

Presenting to you, DARE 21”, the sexiest, most outrageous party event of the new year. This bash is like no other, because we promise an enjoyable evening for you, with cheap drinks on the go, and good friends to be with. What more can you ask for? If you need an incentive to go, let me tell you a good news! For ladies, if you dress less than 21 inches from top to bottom, you will get free entry and a free drink! Therefore. for gentlemen, you know what the incentive is right?

science bash
they get better ideas every year
next it'll be free entry in the buff

i thought i'd seen it all, this one drives me speechessl
i'd feel insulted and objectified if i were a girl

Me: get short girls


25. Beautification - real or psychological (exfoliating scrub, toner, blue tracing paper [aka blotting paper], face/skin lightening cream, facials, nail polish, bust enhancement/implants, eyebrow shaping, revealing clothes, various other varieties of snake oil) and then feeling offended and objectified when men look at them admiringly. Either that or trying to look like a guy

Someone: they prob figured that was the least they could ask for without getting sued for promoting indecency or smthg

hahah short girls, good one
let's rustle up a posse of ugly midgets

post it up so one and all can marvel at the increasing stupidity of science students

Me: this beats STRIP

Someone: i'd like to know who comes up with these ideas
clearly a bunch of horny science guys

i mean, don't the girls have any say in this
what's the incentive for them. to be ogled at?
that happens whatever the case

Me: free drinks?

Someone: aiyah. i think skimpily dressed girls are de facto in any case
it's just to bait the guys

evolution gave us the short end of the stick
if only more guys realised that

Me: where there're girls, there're guys

women like women
men like women
nobody likes men

Someone else: that's not sexy. that's complete prostitution
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