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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Someone: gssq giving relationship eligibility advice sounds like a good post :)

Me: heh
you think it's interesting? or even will help people?

Someone: i think it would be VERY interesting to many people
notwithstanding the irony of a single person advising others on relationships


Despite it being Malaysian in origin (they make it sound like they're from Manhattan, down to using the market's [which ironically isn't even called the Manhattan but rather the Fulton Fish Market] logo and proudly stating "since 1822" and waxing lyrical about the fish market's history, with only one paragraph betraying its origins), I have no qualms about recommending Manhattan Fish Market, which currently has an outlet at Plaza Singapura. So that makes it 2 things about Malaysia that I wholeheartedly like (the other being Malaysian Airlines).

The service is great; one friend was hesitant about having rice or fries with her main course, and the proactive waiter suggested changing it to a salad.

The food is quite good, and it's a bit cheaper than Fish and Co too; the latter used to be good, but success has made them complacent - prices have gone up and good quality and service have gone down.

Perhaps the only grouse I have is how they show videos of fish. The first time I went there, it started out okay, but after a while disgusting sea creatures came up on screen, the sight of which undoubtedly would have doused the appetites of the patrons, but then it seemed I was the only one to notice.


Never buy NTUC brand charcoal - it doesn't even catch fire after you leave it in a lit stove for a long time.


The Jedi Mind Trick strikes again:

Someone in a comment box: i read up on the bible and the christian god is nothing like what you say. you have many biased opinions that seem validated.
but on further examination and pondering it's not.

Me: Your opinions would be taken a lot more seriously if you supported them with concrete examples and properly constructed arguments, rather than relying on vague assertions and broad sweeps of your hands.

Someone else: that is like saying "i read a physics textbook and now i believe i know as much as feynman"

Me: no
it's saying: "i read a physics textbook and now i believe i know as much as feynman. furthermore, you have many biased opinions that seem validated. but on further examination and pondering it's not. who cares if I won't (or can't) point them out?!"

Someone: hahahahha
"upon futher examination and pondering i have decided an intelligent higher being exists"

Me: this is also how the malaysians flamed me (if they bothered criticising my arguments instead of me, and saying I should be banned from blogging and/or sent to jail in the first place just because they didn't like what they read)

oh not just malaysians

"We know of an ablution [an ablution is a washing of the body, especially as part of a religious rite] in the ritual of Eleusis; the laurel-wreath oration of Demosthenes speaks of purificatory ablutions in the mystery of Sabazius; the cult of Attis had its taurobolium, and the mystery of Isis knew a sanctifying baptismal bath, as did the mysteries of Dionysus and of Mithras. Upon mature consideration modern scholarship has rejected the ideas that such rites exerted an influence on the baptismal doctrine of the New Testament."

More Jedi mind tricks
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