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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I grew tired of adding addenda to the Dawn Yeo/Yang expose, so here's some related/peripherally related material.


It seems some don't get my motives for doing the expose, so in explicit form, off the top of my mind, here they are:

1) She lied about having surgery, especially when it was so major.

"I will neither confirm or deny the allegations" is very different from "I did not have sex with that woman!" or indeed bringing up the point and dismissing it with faux resignation.

2) Her constant refutations of having gone under the knife.

"Her good looks have inspired much jealousy... 'People also accuse me of having plastic surgery, but what can I do?' she shrugged helplessly."

"U wanna gossip abt me havin surgery, fine i can't really stop u can i? but this isn't just gossip now, it's a very hurtful n wrongful ACCUSATION which is way out of line."

3) Her being indignant about it.

"another thing, sorry to burst your bubble but lemme be helpful n share a makeup secret: u can use brown eyeshadow to accentuate the crease of your eyelid making it look deeper. when u look down, it’ll obviously look like there’s a slight line. take a look at the angelina jolie pic i had, don’t her eyes look even more “cut”? haha cmon its just simple makeup sheesh!"

4) Her slamming, allegedly both in forum threads and in real life, of people who go for such surgery.


mkmk in the comments thread (where much more abounds):

"Plastic Surgery 101

Being a fan of "Nip/Tuck"...

Exhibit 1: photo 11/40, subject's friendster page, the pic with the "supreme" cap.

look under the nose, yep, that's rhinoplasty for you!"

Sheena: "Dearest all who said Agagooga was jealous, may I ask WHY? I mean, he's a GUY! Why the heck should he be jealous of a girl's looks?"

More photos of Dawn from JC: http://photobucket.com/albums/c258/dawnyeomemories/

I love the ad hominem attacks flowing in all directions (though mostly towards the clapbangkiss detractors).

Someone was bored/free enough to dig up even more pictures (some which I don't have) and set up a new Friendster account for her: "About Me:Photos of Dawn Yeo/Yang at varying stages of plastic surgery!"

For some reason most of the females I mention Woffles Wu to know who he is. Wth. I only heard of him on Wednesday night.


My favourite misanthrope: I can't believe people are getting so worked up about this dawn yeo thing. nobody cares what you post about politics and religion, but one bit of gossip draws them all in.

yh (in comments): usual socio-political posts, no comment
post on a surgically altered pretty face, 85 comments
there is hope for singapore


A smattering of reactions from the blogosphere:

Xialanxue has an open letter to her and arranged the pictures in chronological order. One comment there: "funny though! both people "accusing" her of plastic surgery are not "jealous girls" like dawn always says her accusors are. one is a heterosexual male and one is a homosexual female!" Glad to see I've convinced someone!

Dawning of teh Truth - Dawn has inspired an eponymous blog about plastic surgery. The first post talks about nose jobs, and the difference between Asian and Caucasian noses. The second measures alar/eye/dorsum ratios and shows that they fell significantly (20% post-surgery), which proves "she got an Alar Cartilage Resection procedure done".

[Addendum: Fanfiction featuring me and Dawn Yeo from suspiciousbastard.

MSNBC's Clicked picks up on it. (Hat tip to Mooiness!)]

"Dawn Yang" (sans quotes) is, as of 12:39am 1:19am 3:28am 3:17pm on 12th November, the 9th 5th 3rd top search on Technorati. NKF proportions!
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