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Friday, July 29, 2005

"Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example." - Mark Twain

Random Playlist Song: Dale Warland Singers - Ave Maria (Busto)


Apparently the RJC teacher who was reputed to have said "This is for all you guys out there" and then did something really did utter that clause, though not in the context that she is said to have done so.

And all this time I always thought that it was an urban legend.


Apparently the "M" in SMU manifests itself readily. Besides people creatively getting around the ridiculous 80 hours of community service per year (that's 2 instances of the "M" technique in action), my source informs me:

"they paid freaking $300 for a compulsory orientation that they had absolutely no fun at
fuck, $300 for three days
apparently at orientation, they made them sit down and debrief every single fricking game
analysis of what they did and how they could do better
then before every game they have planning phase and execution phase

they haven't even started school and smu is pissing them off
some guy came up to my bf and my friend, saying "welcome to smu! you're special!"
and my bf looked at him straight in the eye and said, what, are you trying to say i'm retarded?
then they walked off laughing their asses off"

I remember one of SMU's ECAs went around proclaiming that "we're from SMU so we're special". They're beginning to believe their own hype (if they hadn't already), just as some NUS students are beginning to believe that we're really the 18th best university in the world.


surferblade tipped me off about an article in the Straits Times on evangelism of Singapore, and I finally got round to reading it. Very interesting, if unintentionally amusing. Thanks for pointing me to it!

Miss NUS: "Gabriel, you absolute *POOT* everyone is starting to call me MISS NUS

you are so going to die..."

I should charge for carrying out smear campaigns!


I suspect NUS's CORS system of bidding of modules is meant to teach us how to gamble. Not only is there the ridiculous system of closed bidding (you can't see how many points you need to invest to get the module), the system of having different quotas for different bidding rounds (meant to 'protect' some groups who are then allowed to bid for those modules first) can result in a module going for a high price in an early round and then going for peanuts (lit) in later rounds.

Maybe the administration knew about the casinos... integrated resorts beforehand, and decided to train us up, as befitting their role as the Premier Institution of Social Engineering.

If they want to discourage last minute bids (Read: to prevent server overload), they should just levy a 10% penalty on bid points added during what is now the Closed Bidding, and a 30% penalty on bids only made during this period.


How many languages can you find in your music collection? (from the Amazing Flying Cow)

Going down the line:

1) Italian
2) Animal noises (Contrappunto bestiale alla mente)
3) English
4) Latin
5) German
6) French
7) Russian (Borodin's Prince Igor)
8) Romanian (? - Iata vin colindatori)
9) Korean (Arirang)
10) Japanese
11) Chinese (Mandarin)
12) Zulu (Siyahamba)
13) Spanish
14) Norwegian (Peer Gynt)
15) Onomatopoeia (Leong Yoon Pin's Dragon Dance, Petra Haden's take on the WTC)
16) Mongolian (Ba1 Jun4 Zhan4) Oops. All 3 of my versions are in Chinese, goddamnit.
16) Itneg (Iddem Dem Mallida)
17) Tagalog (Is that awful song, Pokpok Alimpako, here?)
18) Latvian (? - Mate Saule)
19) Malay (? - Ondeh Ondeh, Naindong)
20) Welsh (All through the night)
21) Peruvian (Cachapaya) Oops. Instrumental song.
21) Bohemian (Rondellus- Flos florum-Ach du getruys blut)
22) Czech (Lidove Tance)
23) Slovak (? - Jistebnický Kancionál - Jezis, Nas Spasitel)
24) Middle English (Angelus ad Virginem- Gabriele fram evene King sent)
25) Croatian (Drmes)
26) Classical Greek (De Organographia)
27) Vietnamese (Asian Prince)
28) Singlish (Sar-vivor rap)
29) Swedish (The Swedish Chef's theme song)
30) Hindi (Shakalaka Baby)
31) Elvish (Various songs on the LOTR soundtrack)
32) Hebrew (When you believe. And I'm positive one or two others I missed)
33) Sanskrit (Duel of the fates)

Unknown: Evghenie Humulescu - Iubi-Te-Voi (I Will Love Thee, O Lord); Guillaume de Machaut - Virelai: Se je souspir; Francesco Landini - Ballata: Gram piant' agli occhi; Janoshka

I excluded humming, Burgundian (one or two words in Patapan), the Mahna Mahna man's language, Turkish (Pachalafaka) and a few others I forgot where only one or two words were used. Bah.


These guys are sick. I like.

Snowman: Hey kids! It's me! Frosty! Time for fun!

Kids: Yay!

Snowman: We can play games and make snow angels and--

Offscreen: vvvvvvvvvvvvv

Snowman: Hey, what's that noise?

Snowman (gets blown on by a hair dryer): Oh dear god! It burns! The pain! The agony!!!

Guy 1: You are a sick son of a bitch, y'know that?

Guy 2: C'mon man. A talking snowman? That's just fucking twisted.

Guy 1: Touche'


SlugBot - "The work on energy autonomy in robots is an on-going process. The initial stage looked at the problems faced by a robot predator. It is not only the energy transformation process but the necessary behavior of the robot which we wish to study. This is an important point - the two processes are tightly interlinked. In this case the robot 'hunted' slugs. The collected slugs would be fermented to produce biogas in a separate off-board digester unit. The gas would then be passed through methane fuel cell to generate electricity. The electricity would be stored in batteries and could be downloaded to a 'hungry' robot. We are currently working on the employment of a different type of 'digester' - the microbial fuel cell (MFC). In this type of cell microbes are employed in a special container with a semi-permeable membrane to extract electrons from the nutrient (such as carrot peelings) and pass them onto an electrode. In this way a form of 'biological battery' can be made."

Death by bra... - "We live in dangerous times when the threat of terrorism, war and environmental disaster is ever present. But the authors of a new book have identified far more deadly hazards lurking in everyday objects and practices... The autumn explosion of red, orange and gold is one of nature's most dazzling displays. It is also one of her most hazardous. When leaves decompose, they emit chemicals which affect our lungs, immune system and eyesight. Fallen foliage in streams also fills the water with poison. A study of rivers filled with leaves in Minnesota found levels of mercury and concentrations of methylmercury (the organic form of mercury) which were as high as those near industrial pollution sources. "

Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit. - Male Nipples? No Thanks! - "Ive always been interested in nipples and breasts...this fascination of all things round began at the age of 10...when i realised...while lyin in bed one day...that strokin the nipple really lightly and squeezin it every other feel like ya on top of the world...flyin even...and my hands arent even in my pants yet..."
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