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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I hear the Evil Council has organised *2* Soya Bean Curd (Tao Hui) eating competitions, and 1 Watermelon eating competition. I'm constantly amazed at how they manage to surpass their previous "feats".

In other news, the Borg has assimilated again. Yaoi fangirls are growing in number. I wonder if the Hentai club's growth is commensurate, though it is underground, by necessity.

Msg from Melvin Tay:


lists your site! gratzs u're fmous!"

Quotes from there:

"according to the guys in my class, mugger = a girl who likes mugs. can you tell how intelligent they are?...

"The colours of the Shirt are disgusting, with the Crest being mainly in shades of red and yellow and the word "Raffles" at the back being in a font that would disgust even those who have abyssmal tastes."
think i have to agree...and also the shorts are really uncomfy.

we'll rather... eat m&ms or skittles. my class fave are the sour skittles :) lately powerpuff gummies have also made their appearence and i happen to enjoy chewing buttercup's face :P

"There is even a resident ghost, who is often seen haunting the hallways of the school with her pound of makeup"
this teacher scares the hell out of me. she puts on so much make-up her face is a ghostly-white and to add to all that, she has BIG curly long hair. try and imagine what she looks like now. thank god i don't do physics.

[Ed: You can look for her here]

"The HOD's elocution leaves much to be desired, and he manages to mangle even simple words"
ummm that would be my maths tutor. if you understand him, it's good cos he's really very funny and nice. "

More weird referrals:

"Tudung girl sex", "islamic hentai" - bring out the Islamic police! This is an insult to the Prophet!

"scgs naked" - Why they are so popular I still haven't figured out. Maybe it's because it's the "school with the light blue pinafore with nothing inside and holes at the side so boys can look in". Or something. I can't remember the exact quote.

"had to pee in the bushes" - Err.

"how to downgrade and chao keng in army" - Ever popular

Reading the latest GP bulletin is immensely demoralising.

Yeh! Yaoi Girl has written her "Why I like Yaoi" essay. Which I will quote her for reference purposes.

"I think I owe you this.

Yaoi isn't really about homosexuality, is it? Speaking as a yaoi fangirl of the type who immediately starts pairing up boys in every new medium of entertainment she gets her claws into.

I think it's more like a kind of fantasy ground, where everything is as the fangirl- or author, or artist, to use more gender and series non-specific terms- would like it; where love is true, intransient, and beautiful; where if men are only interested in sex at least they are elegant and considerate about
the entire business, or not, depending on the individual's fantasies or preferences.

Yes, heterosexual or non-yaoi situations also give you the chance to play God.. but yaoi affords the average fangirl the ease and the safety of detachment. However much she might feel for or identify with the character, there's always, by dint of gender, a sort of barrier, a safeguard against hurt.

Then there is always the jealousy factor, that if the individual can't have the object of her fantasy, at least no other woman is, at least there was never a chance that he would have liked her in the first place- but I put this badly, maybe it'd be more coherent as even if he rejected her (which the
characters do by default because they are generally not real or unreachable) it wouldn't be due to the individual's shortcomings, it would be because the individual wasn't of the right sex to begin with. Ego eased, unconciously. No woman in the romantic equation also means no stressful comparison and finding oneself not up to par. (And
fictional women are like fictional men, I suppose; mostly fantasy, and sometimes unnaturally perfect.)

And of course yaoi is complications free- not talking about the risk of disease, which I suppose must be present in many sorts of sexual enterprise especially involving intercourse, but of the risk of having children. As much as I personally like children, I can't deny that in today's kind of society children are often complicated and consuming burdens on the support
side- in almost every way, regardless of whatever else they might bring into their parent's lives. Most yaoi fans, I think, probably wouldn't be wanting a child in their lives at this particular point- except perhaps those who follow the practice of mpreg, which personally.. ah well, that's another think. Incoherency, blargh.

Then there is another factor, which involves children as well and operates on the theory I have that the subconcious purpose of the human race- or any other living things
is to perpetuate, which usually means having children. Which puts an element into every heterosexual romance, usually subconciously, of evaluating the partner's genes to make sure that you make the optimal match. Yaoi obviously can't be about that, so maybe in comparison it is more romantic? The "love" more pure? I don't know. I'm not entirely sure about that. Generally speaking, of course, not using the "case-by-case, no-two-stories-or-loves-are-entirely-the-same" thing.

After that.. well, some people are interested in yaoi because of the fandom, or the community, just as some people pick up a sport or an art to meet new people.

I should elaborate on that, I think, and there are more points but I'm tired and I've run out of steam. Probably finish this thing some other time. If I ever do."

Well. Yaoi's really an updated Japanese form of Romance Novels, I think, concluding from what information I have. I'd figured many of the points out already, but it's nice to list them and elucidate :)

Fangirls are evil!
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