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Monday, August 12, 2002

I was just looking at, for the first time in full, the CD that my brother in law burnt on the day that I exchanged my Pink IC for my Green IC, and a rash of memories came flooding back and I went to hug Porky.

My brother-in-law sneakily took some photos surreptitiously that day. Evil.

Seen at Efem, Turkish Restaurant:

"About Turkey

Stretching out on two continents, Turkey is a paradise where one can experience the four seasons simultaneously... Whether be fond of art, history, archeology or nature, you will feel the happiness beyond desires and hopes during your stay in Turkey surrounded by the crystal clear waters of a shinning sea at four directions, Turkey generously offers her 8000 km long shores before your eyes. Turkey is rich in flora and fauna.

Twenty fascinating civilizations render Turkey the heir of 10.000 years old history, which has still been examined for further ancient secrets to be brought up into daylight. The lands inhales at any moment the mystery of the past through the existence of the statues of gods and goddesses, temples, theaters, agoras, churches, mosques, and palaces. Becoming a united whole of daily life and all other values, Turkey forms ideal circumstances.

Turkish Food

Turkish food has the elements of the culinary traditions of the wide variety of cultures that formed the Ottoman Empire; the origins of the recipes stretch from the Danube to the Persian Gulf, from the Balkans as far south as the Sudan. Regarded as one of the most favorable cuisines of the world, Turkish cuisine has superiority when compared to the cuisine of France and China. Exceptional richness of the various meals, methods of cooking, arrangement of the table, service and equipments used bring the richness in a way that never fails to delight."

--- As transcribed by me. The poor waiter thought I was interested in Turkey and gave me the website URL of the restaurant, as well as his website, and placed some brochures at the next table.

Zlycis was playing Canasta but refused to teach me. Bah.

Someone found my page by looking for "bcg scar nude girls". And searching that I found,

National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males

Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision)
A Feminist Study of a Muted Gender Issue (Part 2)

Seham Abd el Salam �
Cairo, June 1999
B.Sc in Medicine, Graduate Diploma in Medicine, Graduate Diploma in Art Criticism,
MA Anthropology

Post masters Fellowship Research - Supervisor: Professor Cynthia Nelson
American University in Cairo, School of Humanities,
Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology Department

English Version translated by: Azza Ali (Ph. D) and Seham Abd el Salam


Wow. Someone who shares my views! :)

I've been invited to join Yourself?

In other news, General Oura rounded off his portfolio some time ago with the last of the 3 Raffles bands.
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